Welcome to AllForSoftball.com, your brand new resource for all things…softball! Softball is one of the greatest games in the world as it can be played by anyone no matter the skill set in a wide variety of different ways. You may be a competitive high school player, a homerun hitting slowpitch player, or just a regular Friday after-work pickup game specialist.

You may be wondering why we created this website and what our goals are. A few things tend to stick out when doing research for anything related to softball equipment:

  1. Most are stores that don’t provide much information on who or the type of player the piece of equipment is best for
  2. Very limited options when it came to product comparison or best of lists
  3. When a best list was found that provided several options, often times it only looked at the broader topic (i.e. bats) and not narrow down things (i.e. by budget or material)

Those are the main reasons for the creation of this site. We have tried our best to create the most thorough content found anywhere on the web on a wide variety of softball subjects. Right now we plan to focus on equipment, but further down the road we may provide more specific things as well. We hope you enjoy your stay here and if there are any subjects you feel we don’t have covered then feel free to contact us. Enjoy!

Equipment needed to play

As we mentioned earlier, we like to get into specifics when looking into the best softball equipment possible for your game. But what kinds of equipment do you need as a player? Here is a list:

  • Bats: When you think of softball, more than likely the first thing that pops into your head are the bats. And why not? They look cool and are the crux of the being able to score runs. The thing with bats though is that it is very difficult to find the right one. There are some designed specific to the league you play, other that are more designed for power hitters, and then there are some that are completely different material than others. So how do you choose a bat? Dick’s Sporting Goods has a nice video that explains the process is more detail. On our site in particular we bring you the specifics once you know what you are after. You can begin by checking out of best softball bats section.
  • Softballs: Another obvious piece of equipment is obviously the softball. But the type you need depends on the game you play. For instance fastpitch players use a ball that has an 11 inch diameter, which is 2 inches larger than baseball players use. If on the other hand you are a slowpitch player, you’ll probably find yourself using a 12 inch softball
  • Gloves: Another key piece you’ll need to play are gloves. Like bats, there are so many available in the market. You’ve got some that are designed for specific positions, and others made with different material. We aim to provide you with many articles related to the specifics so if you play infield, we want to only show the best softball gloves whether you play slowpitch, or fastpitch softball.
  • Helmets: One of the most dominant topics in sports nowadays is the increased frequency of concussions and head injuries. Therefore, a hitter should always have a helmet on when standing into the hitters box. The helmet industry as a whole (including other sports) have been improved immensely. Many players in particular also use a facemask for even more protection. One thing to always make sure of is to ensure that you use a helmet that is NOCSAE approved
  • Batting Gloves: Although there are some players that don’t use batting gloves, they do provide several benefits. For one, many people believe they provide a much better grip than regular hands. If you’ve ever played in wet weather, or are susceptible to sweaty hands then you’ll no doubt find that they’ll will prevent you from sending your bat further than the ball! Another benefit is the increased protection that they provide. Blisters are one of the most common and annoying injuries that baseball & softball players experience. With the use of batting gloves, the chances that your hands will experience this should decrease
  • Shoes/Cleats: Often under appreciated, a good set of shoes can make the world of difference in your game. If you are a base stealer, a better than average set of cleats will assist your explosiveness and increase your ability in getting a successful SB. Similarly, on the defensive side of the ball, great cleats or other shoes will help you track down fly balls faster and could be the difference between an out and the game-running run scoring. Many of the best shows nowadays include form fitting design consideration making you not even notice the shoes at all. We plan to provide numerous articles just on cleats and other types of softball shoes you can use on the field.
  • Sun/Light protection: Another often thing that is often forgotten is proper eye protection from the sun or from stadium lighting at night time. Although most uniforms come with a standard hat showing your teams colors, there are several other things you may wish to consider on the field in bright summer days including sun glasses, and/or eye black. For stadium lighting, typically eye black is the most helpful.
  • Catchers gear: Should you decide that you want to be a catcher, then you have a brand new problem on your hand. This position normally requires a specialized helmet, chest protector, and shin guards. And guess what…this gear isn’t cheap! It also comes in many different sizes, price ranges, and features. There are also other optional pieces of equipment such as specific catchers mitt, and knee savers. We hope that we can provide you with enough information on our best fastpitch catchers gear page for those planning on being a catcher
  • Equipment bags: Last but not least…how do you plan to store all of your equipment? With everything you will need to carry around with you to practice and games, you may want to invest in a durable equipment bag. Many come with wheels, similar to luggage, so that transport can be easy.

Well we hope you enjoy your stay on our softball equipment page. As said many times before, we hope that we can breakdown all of the equipment choices you may need to make as specifically as possible. If we aren’t being specific enough, or have made a mistake, please reach out to us and let us know. Happy playing!

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