Top choices when it comes to Worth gloves

Made popular by their great bats and softballs, you should not underestimate the high quality construction that goes into each and every Worth softball glove. As you will find out below, there are many different models and sizes available meaning the same pro or entry level is available in smaller and larger sizes. Another great aspect with this company is that they have models for both men and women. Fastpitch softball players can choose between many different models that feature narrower wrist openings and finger stalls, while men can enjoy the same high quality model without the additional modifications. With many advanced level features included in each, Worth has become more and more popular year after year.

Below we feature our top-3 choices when it comes to Worth softball gloves. We have provided a brief review of each to indicate what type of player is best suited for each.

Toxic Lite

Toxic Lite

The Toxic Lite Series is designed to accommodate smaller hands. You can purchase the glove in both left and right-hand styles, and after just one look of the glove there is no question this is just what you will want to do.

The Toxic Lite Series features a full grain oil-treated leather shell. This shell is durable and long-lasting so replacing your gloves is a thing of the past. The awesome design will take you back to baseball games of yesteryear, and you are certain to enjoy this pleasantry associated with the glove. It features Palm & Index Finger padding, both of which make it much more comfortable to wear.

With softball patterns and webs every person who wears it is sure to enjoy it. It is stylish and looks great on any hand that it touches. Add the affordable price and the awesome features and this is a glove that will always far exceed your expectations.

If you are a competitive player looking for the latest and greatest to give you that edge you’ve been looking for, this is one that should get the job done. You will love it!

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It’s all about the game and how you play it, and with the Century you can be certain that you are playing the game to the best of the ability. This amazing model is available for both left and right hand players, made with quality and stylish design that makes the game even more exciting than what it already is. It is certainly one that should change the way that you play.

The Century FPEX Series is made of full grain steer hide that keeps it durable and ready to take even the hardest of throws. The oil-treated leather shell also keeps you protected while giving you flexibility to move around and do more. There are leather finger back linings and a palm liner included in this glove as well as the Poron XRD palm pad that reduces impact on your hand and reduces the sting as well.

The glove from Worth Sports follows a 100 year tradition of quality and unsurpassed durability in sports products so you can always make the purchase with complete ease. It features an affordable price, designed attractively and equipped with the amazing features that you want and need.


When the game is so much more than a game, the Mayhem is there to rescue you. It proves there is a difference in what you buy. Those who use this one can always expect their game to reach extraordinary heights without fail.

The patterns on this model are delightful. They bring life while also ensuring they represent the game well. Anyone will be proud to slip this one on their hand and play the game. Add the comfort it should bring you and you can’t go wrong.

When you are in the market for a glove the one thing that you want the most is durability and sturdiness. Gloves really take a beating in the game of softball and baseball, and without a quality model playing the game is almost impossible. Thanks to the Mayhem this is never the case. It is made with long-lasting quality that always delivers what you need during the entire season. The glove is affordable, and thanks to its construction you can reduce replacements during the year.

With the Silencer palm pad that reduces impact and the adjustable pockets, this one should deliver a great deal of improvements in your game.

Final thoughts

As you can see from the three reviews above, there are many great advantages to owning products made by Worth. We believe you will be absolutely amazed at the high quality construction and the great performance benefits you’ll receive when wearing a Worth softball glove. Best of luck in your search!


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