Which Wilson gloves are the best choices?

For both baseball and softball players, it would be extremely rare to goto a game and not see someone wearing or using Wilson branded equipment. Many elite level players (especially fastpitch softball players) – including those that play for Team USA – use Wilson in the field. Most people who wear Wilson feel that the gloves provide them with the best fit they’ve ever used. What we like about them, and more specifically their line of softball gloves, is that there are many different options to choose from. You are not required to spend a huge amount of money if you just want an average model. On the other hand if you are looking for a top of the line professional level choice then you can find one at a reasonable price.

Below we feature reviews on the top three models we feel that the company makes including the A2K, A440 and A1000 superskin.

A1000 Superskin
A440 Series
A2K Series

A1000 superskin

The A1000 model is one of the more popular ones offered by Wilson. The unique feature that sets this one apart from the others is how it is constructed. They have applied what they call a Superskin exterior which is designed to be twice as strong, but be lighter than the regular leather you’d find on other models. This ensure for both better performance on the field and more durability so you don’t have to replace your glove so often!

Outside of the top level Superskin, the rest of the glove features Wilson’s own ECCO leather throughout the inside and outside. This leather has gotten rave reviews as it features a quick break-in period, and has been increased substantially in the area of softness. In addition to the excellent feel provided by the A1000, additional lining has been added to the wrist area specifically designed to keep sweat away from your skin on those hot summer days.

We really like everything offered by the A1000 and believe you will too. For under $100, you can get a pro level model that features MLB patterns that are not found in most models from this price range. With advanced features such as pre-curved fingers, and shock reduction, this one is a true winner!


One of the more commonly sold gloves over the past year has been the A440 series. Although less expensive than most, there are many things to like about this glove and you shouldn’t discount it when looking at the price tag on its own.

The reason for the popularity of the A440 is that the glove makes it incredibly easy to catch a softball. Using what Wilson has named a Monsta Web pattern; softballs will easily land directly in the pocket just like larger models. So if you’ve ever found that your 12-13 inch glove was a bit too small and difficult to catch with, the A440 might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Another great aspect included in the A440 is the increased control players feel they receive. This makes your defensive game even easier.

With a nice tight fit around your hand, and an easier snapping mechanism added, it’s no wonder that the A440 has become such a sought after piece of equipment.


The A2K series is Wilson’s more advanced model that is meant for competitive level players. Many players believe the A2K series is on par or better than other similar styled ones made by other companies.

As you imagine, the company makes thousands and thousands every year, which means they collect a lot of leather for the construction phase. To keep the A2K series at its best, they only use the top 5% of their leather stock ensuring that each and every A2K made is flawless.

Special processes are also in place when it is actually manufactured. Instead of simply being machine pressed, employees spend three times longer stretching, and shaping the A2K model making it softer and more durable than any other choice on the market. After all, a softer model makes for a much quicker break-in time which is what we all want at the end of the day.

The final feature we’ll quickly review is the Dual-Welting technology that has been added to the A2K series. Dual-Welting adds a pre-curved design to each of the finger stalls on the inside of the glove. This provides additional stability and support allowing you to feel more in control. This combined with the high quality construction make it one of the top choices made by Wilson.

Final thoughts

As you can see there are many pros & cons to each of the products listed above and there are many more that we have not even covered! Wilson softball gloves are constantly one of the top selling brands year after year among fastpitch softball players (including professionals). You’ll never go wrong with any of the choices we featured above.


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