Best Slowpitch bats for homeruns

Who doesn’t want to add a little more power to their game?

Across both baseball and softball circles, one of the most popular terms, coined by pitching great Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, of the last 10 to 20 years has always been “chicks dig the long ball”.

Although a homerun hitter often requires a bit of physique, strength, and a nice fluid swing, the focus of this section of our page is to the top bats you can find for the 2016 season that can help you add that little extra pop in your swing. Who knows? That little extra pop could be the difference between the warning track and something that is crushed to straight away center field. So what really constitutes a good bat for a power hitter and why? A couple of our favorite choices in this category are the Louisville Z4 (Z-3000 in previous years), and the Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax. Below we outline each.

The first question you need to ask is should you go with aluminum or composite. Go with a name you can trust, and make sure they have a great warranty, minimum one year. Followed by what size, balanced or endloaded and one piece, two, or three?

The first question is easy enough – for homeruns – Composite is probably your best bet. You’ll notice fewer vibrations and almost always a better pop from the multi core barrel. The size differs from person to person and is really a matter of preference, that being said the longer the barrel and the larger the endload, the more power you should be able to generate. Be careful though…if the bat is too heavy, your swings will be slow and therefore you probably won’t hit at all.

No one wants to be below the Mendoza line after all! Two piece designed bats typically provide more flex so that may also be something you need to keep in the front of your mind. Some hitters like the rigidness of the one-piece, while others like the trampoline effect provided by two-piece bats.

The Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax (end loaded) is the first choice when it comes to adding distance to your hits. If you are looking for deep hits (like over the fence), the Psycho is a 14.5” barreled monster with a solid 2 1/4” diameter, it’s big enough that the whole infield can read the wicked looking “PSYCHO” written on it and know that they won’t be needed for this hitter. While it’s a One-Piece Premium Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Design and a SuperMax end-load, it manages to transfer virtually all of its power even on mis-hits directly into the ball, carrying it up, out and away better than anything I have ever owned.

The only negative is it’s only approved for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA.

The Louisville Z4 on the other hand has a shorter barrel at just 12”, but with the same 2 1/4” barrel diameter you really don’t notice a difference. It does have a very balanced swing weight and it’s a three piece bat, the Pure 360 Composite construction gives it a lot of durability and amazing performance.

The TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology of this 3 piece beast, gives it a lighter swing, and reduced vibration that even the worst ticks seem stingless. The final touch which people enjoy about this bat is the grit blast finish on the barrel. The finish increases the backspin and sends it up and out farther than you could imagine, even if it drops early that spin sends it ricocheting from the first bounce. Approved for play in all the major associations, this bat should be considered as a primary choice for slowpitch homerun hitters.

We hope that you have enjoyed our look at the top slowpitch bats for homeruns. Let us know if you have had success using other models.


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