What I think are the top Mizuno gloves available

With the thousands of different softball gloves available to be found all over the place, the choice becomes incredibly difficult. One of the best brands available according to many who play the game is those made by Mizuno. This page features what we believe are the best three softball gloves that this company has to offer. In fact, the most recognizable softball player of all time – Jennie Finch wears and promotes Mizuno softball products all of the time. After all if they are good enough for her, they will be good for any aspiring player.

As mentioned this page is dedicated to the reviews of what we fell are the top ones available which includes the Franchise, Franchise Finch, and MVP models. We feel all three of these choices offer great bang for your buck.

Mizuno Franchise
Franchise (Finch series)
Mizuno MVP


Have a one of a kind look out on the field with the mahogany dark brown appeal of the Mizuno Franchise. For a reasonable price you can be the most unique player on the field with a pattern that stands out among the crowd.

mizuno softball gloves

With the “adjust-a-size” Velcro enclosure, you will be able to customize the feel for the various needs you have during the game. If you need more support, you simply tighten the wrist strap on the glove, if you need room to move around, then you loosen the wrist strap. It is that convenient. There is a closed back so that you can benefit from the added support.

Furthermore, there is high lacing so that the glove will have added durability and last longer than just one season. The high lacing also works toward offering you enhanced flexibility. The ParaShock palm pad makes for a great advanced feature that will help to protect your palm through out the game, as well as make your plays more effective and efficient. Where on the other side of the palm’s design there is an ultra soft lining so that you can be protected and comfortable at the same time.

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Franchise Finch

The Franchise Finch is an excellent solution for the player that wants to be professional and look great out on the field. With increased fashion and functionality it can be ordered for both left handed and right handed players. Not only that, but with the backing of the best softball player of all time – Jennie Finch – you know you have a winner on your hands with this one.

mizuno softball glove reviews
Franchise Jennie Finch

The model comes with a standard pattern and a closed back for added support through out the game. There is a double hinged heel that increases the width of the pocket for increased accuracy and ease of use. Most need to be worked in for months before they are ready to be used in a game. Not this one! The Mizuno Franchise Finch comes with a game ready feel that will have you prepared and out on the field ready to play in no time at all.

The glove was crafted with oiled durasoft leather that is soft to the touch, yet durable so that it can last for a long time. The ParaShock palm pad makes for a great addition as it will help to keep you safe and increase the efficiency of the plays that you are involved in.

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Are you looking for the next installment for gloves in your ball-playing career? There is a perfect one for you and all of your sporting needs, and it is known as the MVP series. This is a retro inspired glove that will have you being the talk of the town, and the envy of all of your teammates.

best mizuno softball gloves

For a reasonable price you can have the Mizuno MVP that is designed with bio throwback leather so that you can emulate your favorite players on the field. This truly unique look will not only provide you with a fashionable solution for your glove needs; however, it has an increased level of functionality and upgraded features as well. With a center pocket design for customized break in, you can make this one your own in a short time frame.

There is a conventional open back, and a game ready feel that will have you out on the field looking like an all-star just as soon as the glove arrives to your home. Furthermore, you can benefit from free shipping and have this reasonably priced model along with all of the on-field benefits in a hurry.

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If you go with this company, we feel that you are making a great long lasting choice. They are one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to softball equipment and the gloves they make are held to the same high standard as all other equipment. We hope you have enjoyed our look at the top Mizuno softball gloves available.


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