Louisville Z4

Louisville Slugger is synonymous with baseball and softball. It is the official bat of Major League Baseball and is the #1 name in baseball since the beginning of the sport.

For softball bats, there may be no better choice than the Z4 as it combines the innovative S1iD technology with Louisville Slugger’s exceptional base to deliver what promises to be a better performance in the batters box. With a 12 inch pro style barrel and a weight range of 26-30 oz., this one is made for power hitters who want to add distance and power to their hits. In the next part of this review, we look at the top features included in this bat.

Pure 360 Composite

The Pure 360 Composite uses thinner, higher-strength and lightweight graphite fibers that enable it to be durable and strong yet have a reduced wall thickness leading to lighter swing weight.

TRU3 3 Piece Construction

The Z4 uses Louisville Slugger’s revolutionary TRU3 technology to create the first ever 3-piece slow pitch bat that greatly reduces the vibration on contact. This 3-piece design is made to strengthen the link between the barrel and the handle and give it a trampoline spring, dramatically reducing the vibration on contact. While it reduces the negative vibration and sting, it gives the bat that good feeling of contact so you know where you have hit the ball, either squarely on the sweet spot or towards the end.

Balanced or End Loaded

louisville z4 review

The Z4 comes in both balanced and end loaded designs. A balanced bat will typically make your swings faster while an end loaded bat will make them a bit slower but provide a much great power potential. So in terms of which is right for you? My guess is you would need to figure out what type of hitter you are first.

S1iD Technology

Composite bats usually require a breaking in time of 250-300 hits. The Z4, however, brings the revolutionary SWING 1 inner Disc (S1iD) technology back to the diamond that allows the walls to flex to their maximum allowable level. Hence, you get a bat that is hot right out of the wrapper. The S1iD technology gives the Z4 a great pop even on the first swing and it just keeps getting better with every swing.

Grit Blast Finish

Another unique feature to this model is the Girt Blast finish that has been applied to the outside of the barrel. This extra little feature promises to create more spin when you launch the ball into orbit. Why is this spin important? It should help you put more intensity into your hit therefore making the ball go further at a more accelerated rate.


The Z4 is definitely going to dominate the fields in the year 2016. With the revolutionary TRU3 technology paired up with S1iD design, the Z4 delivers a powerful performance on the field. With an awesome pop, only rockets come off this high-performing bat.

If you want to increase your batting average and make a difference to the game, do yourself a favor and read a little bit more about this one.


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