Louisville Slugger Xeno X19

If you play baseball or softball, you have no doubt heard of the Slugger brand name. For years Slugger has been synonymous with quality and year after year produced some of the best bats available.

One of the newest Louisville offerings for softball and fastpitch players is the Xeno X19 bat which continues along the great tradition many expect from Slugger bats.

With some brand new never before seen technologies added to the Xeno, you can expect that this one will become a quick favorite by those who use it. Expect to improve your performance right away with this bat!

A detailed look at the 2019 Xeno X19

Most fastpitch softball bats you will find have been built with separate barrel and handle pieces. The Louisville Slugger Xeno is different as it uses internal socket technology which joins the handle and barrel into one piece creating a firm and durable bat.

This newer model also uses S1iD technology which provides the hitter with great performance right off of the shelf. There is no waiting period for this one. You can basically purchase it right off the shelf and use it at your next game or practice! The S1iD technology consists of internal discs placed inside the barrel of the bat which prevent damaging bending or stretching when making contact. This ensures that the bat will last through many hits and does not require you to replace the bat every year like some other models.

Different weights for Different players!

The Xeno is available in a wide variety of weights as well. For instance if you are more of a power hitter, you’ll really enjoy the -8 drop (heavier version). But if you are looking for a regular feeling swing you can opt for the -9 or -10 drop variations instead.

If you are looking for a bat with a balanced swing and loaded with great longevity features then consider picking one of these models for your next game or season. The Xeno X19 has been approved by all major softball associations and meets the 98 MPH ASA standard off the shelf.


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Karlos Lewis - February 19, 2018

What bat would you say is best between the 2018 xeno and the cfx?

    ThriveThemes - March 8, 2018

    Tough question as they are both great choices! I give the slight edge to the Xeno for now but I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Thanks for asking!

Jari - April 27, 2018

Do you have to worry about using the Xeno in the cold like you do with other composite bats?


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