Best Fastpitch Bats for Slappers

What is a slapper and what is the best bat for their specific needs?

This is a question comes up quite often as players begin to specialize more and more and develop a specific role on their team.

A slapper is generally a left handed hitter, or a very fast righty that has converted.

They tend to bunt and hit short as opposed to fielding the ball, and are a very useful weapon in the coaches offensive arsenal if they are good, and have a bat tailored to their infield short hits, but still able to switch it up for the occasional surprise power stroke.

For bats, we believe based on our research that if you are a slapper that the Demarini CFX Slapper is probably your best bet as it has been specifically designed for your game. We have outlined the top 3 choices on this page.

1- Demarini CFX Slapper

As you are probably very well aware, there aren’t too many bats made specifically for slappers.

Fortunately, Demarini (one of the best names in the business) does make one, named the Demarini CFX Slapper. Based on their successful line of CFX model bats, like the one featured on our best fastpitch softball bats page, this one really is the ultimate choice for slappers.

The first thing a slapper needs is a long barrel, weighted more to the hands than the barrel to give optimal barrel control and manipulation. The 2018 DeMarini CFX Slapper has that in spades with a 14” barrel providing maximum plate coverage. The stacked barrel construction gives 2 independent walls creating a superbly responsive hitting surface which extends the sweet spot further along the barrel than ever before.

One complaint frequently mentioned by slappers is that they typically experience more “mis-hits” than their power hitting counterparts. The CFX has tried to reduce that uncomfortable, sting-like feeling on imporer hits by designing a 3-Fusion handle. In addition to helping reduce ball sting, this handle should also provide great energy transfer, and assist in giving the ball a little more spin to keep catchers and the fielders guessing the direction.

The low pro end cap and -10 length to weight ratio allows the hitter to step in with power instead of a light drop and change up the defenders strategy on a dime. Finally the DeMarini CFX has reversed the grip for longer lasting, better control.

2- Louisville 2018 LXT

Although not specifically marketed towards slappers like the CFX version above, the LXT would still make a good choice if Demarini is not your thing.

The LXT comes is different drop variation however I assume if you are reading this article that you are most interested in the -11 drop (lightest for LXT).

So you are probably wondering why you’d choose the LXT over the CFX Slapper?

For starters this one is a bit lighter as it has a -11 drop vs the -10 drop found in the CFX. As mentioned earlier however, the LXT also comes in -10, and -9 versions.

The LXT is also a 3-piece bat as opposed to a 2-piece. You might be wondering how a bat could possibly be a 3-piece. Although I am not the most technical person, this page on Louisville’s page explains it much more. But from the sounds of things the handle and barrel and completely independent using a TRU-3 connection piece in the middle. This middle piece aims to reduce vibration and ball sting in the handle while at the same time providing the barrel with more durability so you can use it for multiple seasons.

Another great feature is the lightweight end cap that Louisville has named X-Cap. This is a good feature for slappers as according to the specifications provides a longer barrel but faster swings.

Overall, the LXT looks like a great bat and might be a good alternative if you aren’t a fan of the Demarini Slapper.

3- Easton Ghost Double Barrel

If the Demarini CFX or Louisville LXT didn’t excite you, the last high-quality bat I can think of is the newer Easton Ghost Double barrel.
Right off the top, I did want to mention that this bat can only be used in ASA, ISF, and NCAA. It cannot be used in USSSA, or NSA leagues like the previous two models can.

Now that the cat is out of the bag…what makes the Easton Ghost worthy of consideration?

For starters, the bat is supposed to provide a nice even balanced swing. This is important for slappers as it provides more consistency and less guess work. After all, the goal of a slapper is to get on base. Knowing your bat will provide a consistent, and even swing is a huge benefit.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Easton Ghost however is the newly designed double barrel. There aren’t any other bats around that feature this that I know of. So how does it work? Essentially I believe:

  • The inner barrel acts almost like an engine. This is where all of the power, and durability comes from
  • The outer barrel itself is a bit softer than the interior barrel which allows the Ghost to be hot right out of the wrapper

Although I believe the previous two models we looked at would provide more benefits to slappers, it’s hard not to include an Easton bat in this list. They have such a great track record that it is hard to ignore.


The slapper is one of the more unique fastpitch players to exist. They certainly are a special breed, but when performing at their best, it could mean the difference between a championship and going home early. Other than the Demarini CFX, there are not too many bats around that are specifically made for slappers. Outside of the CFX, I believe that the Louisville LXT, and Easton Ghost could still provide slappers with increased performance than regular average bats.


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