Best Fastpitch Bats for Slappers

What is a slapper and what is the best bat for their specific needs? This is a question comes up quite often as players begin to specialize more and more and develop a specific role on their team. A slapper is generally a left handed hitter, or a very fast righty that has converted. They tend to bunt and hit short as opposed to fielding the ball, and are a very useful weapon in the coaches offensive arsenal if they are good, and have a bat tailored to their infield short hits, but still able to switch it up for the occasional surprise power stroke.

The slapper moves into the ball with a crossover step or forward hop attack that gets them started in their sprint toward first base. If you want to see some amazing footage of slappers and how they can bunt or drop the ball just in front of the catcher and still make it to first before the catcher has control and can fire it off then check out YouTube as they show many different players doing this.

As for bats, we believe based on our research that if you are a slapper than the Demarini CFX Slapper is probably your best bet as it has been specifically designed for your game.

The first thing a slapper needs is a long barrel, weighted more to the hands than the barrel to give optimal barrel control and manipulation. The 2018 DeMarini CFX Slapper has that in spades with a 14” barrel providing maximum plate coverage. The stacked barrel construction gives 2 independent walls creating a superbly responsive hitting surface which extends the sweet spot further along the barrel than ever before. The 3-Fusion handle is great at redirecting energy, specifically mis-hits, which a slapper can get in spades off a poorly lined up bunt, back into the ball, giving it a spin that will keep the catcher and the pitcher running with no way to predict the direction. The low pro end cap and -10 length to weight ratio allows the hitter to step in with power instead of a light drop and change up the defenders strategy on a dime. Finally the DeMarini CFX has reversed the grip for longer lasting, better control. While most companies didn’t even take it into account DeMarini was stepping up for their customers.

A very similar bat, and also a top rated design from a long time champion of manufacturing, the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus, is a masterpiece for bunts, and short hops, but like the DeMarini can be used to power a deep hit on a moment’s notice, catching fielders completely unprepared. Their two piece construction is made with their proprietary Plus composite zero friction double wall design. Which turns even the worst off center stinger into a clean hit with a ton of “Oomph!!!”. Between their solid 2 piece bat construction and S1iD barrel I can’t see how every slap hitter is using it.

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