Best Fastpitch bats for power hitters

One of the most common questions fastpitch players ask is “what is the best bat for power”? Based on what we have read on various sites we feel the best way for you to keep the outfielders on their toes is by using the Easton Mako (-9) and the Demarini CFX Insane bats.

In reality however, you’ll probably notice more pop in your hits by simply using a bat that is more end loaded than a regular bat. The extra weight at the end transfers so much power to the ball that you literally feel the difference in the follow through, and can practically see the pop. Even if you are a smaller player, you should notice some extra pop when making solid contact.

So what exactly sets the Mako and CFX Insane bats apart? Why are they widely considered two of the top fastpitch bats to ever be manufactured? What makes them a power hitter’s best weapon? These are all great questions which we hope will be answered below.

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of the Easton Mako -9 drop. Between the perfect end weight and the TCT Thermo Composite Technology the Mako has the best sweet spot in the game. With a longer barrel than most bats, and its composite elasticity, the barrel can reach its maximum flex, which truly is what the sweet spot is all about. Add on the CXN Zero Technology in the handle, you find there is virtually no vibration even on the worst of tips. Knowing that you don’t have to hold back when you swing for the cheap seats means more solid connections, less infield hits and higher run counts. That would normally be enough for any model, but this isn’t just any bat, this is Mako. Taking it from quality to top shelf, they gave the -9 length to weight ratio a 2 1/4″ barrel and their new Hyperskin Performance Grip. That is exactly why this bat is perfect for power hitters. So what does it all mean in layman’s terms? It feels heavy, not drag behind you heavy, but when you swing it, you know its going to knock the skin off the ball. That weight carries on into the ball transferring the power of your hit through the sweet spot and into the ball and the body trampolines the ball further than you can imagine.

Now let’s take a look at another top choice – the DeMarini CFX Insane. If the name isn’t enough to spell it out, a couple of swings will. Let’s put aside the fact that DeMarini has been a favorite manufacturer consistently over the last 20 years and provide you with some specs so that you can figure out if it is right for you. The CFX Insane was designed specifically for power hitters, giving amazing speed and control with its -10 length to weight ratio and pro weight end load to give it the power of a sledge hammer and the spring of a tennis racket. The new Paraflex Composite used also carries a much better power transfer and doesn’t skimp on the spin. Add in the 3-Fusion handle technology and you have an absolute winner. Practically zero vibrations as the power from any off-center hit is reversed back into the barrel and redirected through to the ball. If that wasn’t enough to convince you this is a top contender, what about the stacked double wall construction? It optimizes the power return to the ball and gives the highest performance fastpitch regulations will allow.

So as you can see, these both are the top contenders in any power hitting battle. Want to add yards to your hit, or increase the spin on any infield hit? These bats would more than likely be a good starting point for you to try out. Want to put fear into the pitcher as he eyes you up and sees you carrying a professional series bat. Want to watch the infielders get panicky and start to shuffle back in anticipation of what is sure to be a powerhouse hit? Then the Easton Mako -9 drop and the DeMarini CFX Insane could be exactly what the doctor ordered.


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