Easton Mako review

For 2016, there may be no better weapon than the brand new Easton Mako fastpitch softball bat. On this page we provide you with a review of this extremely powerful bat in hopes that you will give it a whirl. As you are probably aware, Easton has been at the top of their game lately when it has come to softball bats. The FP16MK model is the newest in a line of great fastpitch bats and has already received great opinions from customers who have taken it for a swing.

Should I replace my current bat with this one?

One thing we are not going to do in this overview is lie and tell you that the Mako FP16MK is an inexpensive bat, because it’s not.

easton mako review

Although pricier than most at around the $350 mark, we still think you should at least check out the various features first. The main ones include:

  • Two piece system – Using a CXN ZERO two-piece construction, this model has an incredible amount of flex despite its power.
  • More power – the concept behind the Mako is simple. Make a bat that swings faster with a larger barrel. What does this do? Provide the most power you’ve ever swung with.
  • New Composite – It uses a brand new composite construction named TCT Thermo Composite. This new material promises to revolutionize the game as the provides that faster speed you want even though the barrel has been made even larger.
  • Better grip – Using the brand new Hyperskin grip, you will rarely feel any sort of slipping and should always feel in full control of your swings.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt the Easton Mako would make you a better hitter. Really the only issue it has is that it is a tad on the expensive side. However, for more competitive players who are already spending between $200-$300 on a bat, you might want to consider upgrading to this model just on the performance and durability features alone. Best of luck in what you decide!


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