Demarini SF8

Another great new slowpitch softball bat to hit the scene in 2016 is the Demarini SF8. What many like so far about the SF8 is its unique ability to please hitters looking for a balance swing and hitters looking for more of an end loaded swing. Another nice feature is the price point. Many of this company’s premier bats cost close to $300. The SF8 itself even though brand new has started at under $230. So if you are looking to add a little more distance and pop to your swing this year then read on to find out if this new model is right for you.In the next part of this review, we look at the top features included in this bat.

ZnX Alloy Barrel

The first great feature included in this bat is the strength of the ZnX Double Wall barrel. The double wall barrel is perfect for power hitters as it features increased strength, a larger sweet spot, and increased durability. There are many “power hitter” bats on the market but many are easy to break due to sheer swing velocity of today’s heavy hitters. Adding a double wall barrel will surely help reduce this concern for the majority of hitters.

Handle and End cap

demarini sf8 review

One of the more common handles you’ll see used on Demarini bats is the Composite C6 handle. This handle is preferred by many hitters as it features a wider weave which in turn provides more flex in your swing. As many hitters will attest, swinging a stiff, rigid bat doesn’t allow for a hitter to make any mistakes on contact. With a little more flex, sometimes slightly off-center contact made can still result in some decent pop. The use of Demarini’s N2M end cap allows for a full transfer of power in your swing all the way to end of the barrel providing the most amount of power possible.

Surrounding the end of the handle is a Thrasher grip system which provides a great comfortable feel allowing you to feel at ease while you are hitting softballs all over the field (and outside!).


As mentioned earlier, the SF8 is not the most expensive bat that Demarini offers and is still in its infancy. However, with the price point and the features that are offered, for many hitters this could represent a good risk to take as their is a ton of potential in this bat. The bat has been approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA play so it should be seen in many leagues this summer.


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