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Fastpitch Catchers Mitts

Welcome to our page dedicated to the best softball catcher’s mitts available. We bring you our top-3 choices and provide a review on each to make your life easier. The position of catcher is one of the most important around the softball diamond, and therefore having a proper fitting mitt is essential to your success. There are several things you should look out for when purchasing this piece of equipment including the quality of the leather, size of the pocket, controlled and support, quick break-in, and lightweight.

Below we look at what we feel are the best combination of all 5 of these features which include the Rawlings CCMFP, Mizuno GXS101, and the Mizuno GXS92.

Mizuno GXS92
Rawlings Champion Series
Mizuno GXS101

Best Mitt Overall – Mizuno MVP Prime

There are gloves, and then there is the Mizuno MVP prime. This glove is truly a homerun and a glove that anyone and everyone will be proud to use when they play the game. Loaded with features sure to be loved, the MVP Prime can be purchased at an affordable price for a long-lasting, high-quality glove that gets the job done.

The MVP glove is available for right and left hand throwers. It is comfortable and flexible, with a strong wrist support for better games time and time again. V Flex and Parashock technology are both included in the mitt, making the game even easier.

When you are tired of buying mitt after mitt for just one season, this glove eliminates it all. This quality gloves is constructed with amazing attention to detail, bringing both style and durability together. This could be the last catcher’s mitt that you will ever need.

The MVP Prime is the first in the Franchise Pro Series offered from the brand, and it is certainly setting the standards high. The Prime will far excel any and all expectations that you had in mind, providing a superior game like you’ve never experienced before and never will again.

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Best Value – Rawlings CCMFP

The Rawlings CCMFP Champion Series 33 inch catcher’s mitt is one of our top choices for female players as they feature smaller hand openings. This assists catchers by providing them with more control of their movement without sacrificing any ability to show off the deep pocket to your fellow pitcher. Made from high quality leather, the Champion Series has a quick break in period and is ready to take behind the plate right out of the box!

Another great innovation added to this mitt is the Zero Shock palm pad that is used. One of the worst feelings as a catcher is the ball sting when it hits you in the wrong spot. This new palm protection aims to further reduce ball sting so the catcher can remain as comfortable as possible.

What really sets this mitt apart and why we feel it is great for a wide variety of players is its ability to provide a custom fit. Using foam throughout the finger area, and an adjustable Velcro strap, you can change the size to whatever makes you feel the best.

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For Youth Players – Mizuno GXS101

This FastPitch Catcher’s Mitt makes the sport of softball so much easier to play. This beautiful glove is made especially for smaller hands so it fits perfectly on girl’s. It is made to be comfortable, and when you are purchasing a catcher’s mitt having comfort is one of the most important features of all.

The mitt is constructed of high-quality leather material. The quality shows with just one look at the mitt, and you can be sure that you are getting a quality mitt designed to provide you with long-lasting quality. This Mizuno catcher’s mitt has a ParaShock Palm Pad, Power Lock Wrist Closure, V-Flex Technology, Butter Soft Palm lining and a host of other features. With so many wonderful features, combined with a truly out of this world price, this is the mitt that you cannot go wrong when you purchase.

It is comfortable, flexible and made to last, all while providing users with a truly stylish, unique look at their own. This mitt offers excellent value and so much more, and is a good choice for all who love to play their game to the fullest.

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Final recommendations

We hope that you have enjoyed this page of what we feel at the top catcher’s mitts available. There are many different mitts that one can purchase so coming up with a list of the top 3 wasn’t the easiest thing to do. For catchers looking for a less expensive option then we recommend the blah. However, if money is not much of a concern then we certainly recommend the blah because of all the great reviews it has garnered.


Gloves for First Base: Which are the best options?

If you are looking for the best fastpitch softball first base gloves then you’ve come to the right spot. We provide you with our review of the top 3 specifically designed for the position of first base so you don’t have to do the research. The position of first base is very unique. Outside of the pitcher and catcher, the first baseman is probably the player who will end up catching the ball the most within a game. Not only that, but there are many more close calls at first base typically only decided by mere inches. Because of this, a first base glove is designed to be longer than a regular glove to allow the player with a greater ability to stretch, and scoop in order to turn those close calls into outs.

Without further ado, here are the best 3 first base models that have made our list: Mizuno GXF56, and the Easton Salvo.

Mizuno GXF56
Easton Salvo

Mizuno GXF56

One of the more popular lines is the MVP series produced by Mizuno. It should come as no surprise that the MVP GXF56 has been so positively reviewed by many softball players playing first base. The single thing that most players say about this glove is how great it feels around their hand. The reason for this incredible comfort is Mizuno’s use of leather and advanced palm lining area. The MVP GXF56 is made with Bio-Retro leather which is a carefully oiled, American steerhide and further enhances the elasticity and durability of the glove.

The 13 inch GXF56 also features an adjustable wrist strap which allows for a custom fit. So whether you have larger or smaller hands, this glove will still fit the bill. Based on the design, it is also perfect for both slowpitch and fastpitch players.

Mizuno is often a top choice when it comes to gloves as they have been in the business for over 65 years. With the MVP being their top of the line glove, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy the GXF56 first base glove.

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Easton Salvo SVS3

The Easton Salvo SVS3 is designed to fit the small hand sizes of girl’s playing the sport but it is also large enough to fit the average adult hand as well. The added flexibility with this glove makes it a popular choice among so many people.

The Easton Salvo is designed with comfort of the player in mind. The manufacturers understand when it is time to play softball you need a glove that proves flexibility, durability and support, and this glove certainly does that and so much more. The Easton Salvo SVS3 features the Double Deep Pocket so even those hard throws can be caught with ease and without causing your hand any excess pain or stress.

Designed for the slow pitch player, this glove allows the hand to breath with both left and right hand choices available. You can greatly reduce sweat in the hands so the game is so much easier to play. This is just what you are looking for in a glove. Made of an oil-tanned U.S. Steerhide leather shell, this is the mitt that is designed to last and last. Add in the very affordable price to all of these benefits and you have a win-win situation.

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What are the best choices when looking at Akadema gloves?

When looking into Akadema softball gloves, one of the first things you should notice is how many innovative features are included. Since 1997, the company has worked hard at bringing baseball and softball players like yourself the most advanced and ground-breaking equipment available. In fact some big name major league baseball players like Bryce Harper, and Shane Victorino use Akadema on the field right now. One of the nice things about an Akadema made mitt is that they realize that every position on the field is unique and requires different craftsmanship. Therefore each glove whether it be a first base mitt, catcher’s mitt, infield, or outfield is uniquely designed and tailored for the needs of the position.

Below we provide brief reviews on what we feel are the best three on the market right now.



The Akadema ACE70 is a fastpitch specific glove featuring a construction made specifically for women. In other words, the glove includes smaller finger stalls and a narrower opening at the base which in turn provides a more secure fit. Another great thing included in the ACE70 that many players like is the addition of a wrist strap made of easily adjustable Velcro. What Akadema calls the “Grasp Clasp”, this extra little bit of customization specific to the size of your wrist is what makes players keep coming back.

Construction wise, the ACE70 has been made with high quality American leather ensuring that it not only lasts a long time, but also is quick to break in. As you are well aware, the break in time for a glove can be the most frustrating aspect of all. Having this process sped up considerably is just a huge advantage to any player. Because this glove is 13 inches in size, it is typically geared more towards players in left, center, or right-field.

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The next most popular model made by Akadema is the ATS77 series. With a size of 12.5 inches in length, this one can be used by any position on the field…well except catcher. The first innovation invented by Akadema was named the Reptilian which was designed to improve the quickness of the transfer between the glove and your throwing hand. To do this, a glove was almost made to not have any finger stalls at all. The ATS77 includes this pattern that has stood the test of time and still remains quite sought after among fastpitch softball players.

Similar to the ACE70, the ATS77 is made with high quality American grown steerhide throughout the entire construction. On the backside however, different lightweight leather has been added to decrease the overall weight of the glove allowing you to perform the duties of your position easier. The lightweight leather (so called AkademaLyte) also allows for a much quicker break-in time than you’ve probably ever experienced before.

Available to both right and left handed throwing players, the ATS77 is perfect for any competitive or soon to be competitive player. We know that you will enjoy this glove is you give it a shot.

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The final one we look at on this page is the ASR282. For those looking for a larger sized glove, the ASR282 might be exactly what the doctor ordered. With a full 14” in length, the ASR282 is perfect for outfielders who need that extra inch to make the big catches.

The newest innovation created by Akadema, the ASR282 provides a pro level feel that is meant for players at any level looking to improve their game. What sets this glove apart from the rest is that it is game ready from the get go. Being game ready on purchase literally means you can purchase it and be able to close it right after slipping it over your hand. Another feature that sets this one apart from the rest is that it is incredibly light! Most 14 inch models feel heavy and bulky, but the ASR282 series is different and will make you forget it is around your hand in some cases.

With a great fit, and smooth feeling, the ASR282 series has turned heads in the softball world. Available to left and right handed throwing players, this glove may be exactly what you need to bring your game to the top.

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When it comes to choosing a glove there are many factors involved. What we really like about Akadema softball gloves is that they tend to be one step ahead of the competition. Although smaller in size than some of the bigger players in the industry, they keep plugging away and has obtained many fans over the years due to their high quality construction and constant innovations to the game. Any of the models we reviewed above will surely help you succeed.

My thoughts on Easton gloves

Easton, who has been in business for over 40 years, is considered one of the top brands when it comes to softball gloves. Not only are they considered to be incredibly durable, but they also offer a wide variety of options to fit the needs of any player. They are also priced much more reasonable than other brands which is why you see so many Easton products on the field. Whether you play infield, outfield, catcher, or first base, they have everything you need to be the best fielder possible.

To help narrow your search, we’ve provided brief reviews of what we believe are the top ones available which include the Natural Elite, Rival Series, and Synergy models. For more details simply click on the links below to view a detailed feature list.

Natural Elite
Rival Series

Natural Elite

One of the most important parts of taking on a sport as competitive as softball is to be equipped with the proper tools. The most important tool that a softball player can have in his or her arsenal is an excellent model that is expertly crafted by a professional and reliable brand.

easton softball gloves
Natural Elite

The Natural Elite is an awesome choice that will last for more than one year and still look great after taking a beating on the field. The Natural Elite is a quality glove that is offered at a reasonable price. You will be able to have the luxury of using a glove that is crafted out of oil tanned U.S. steer hide leather.

Not only is the product made out of excellent materials; however, it is also designed to provide players with an upgraded quality functionality that is unparalleled by the competition. With the double deep pocket, and the fast pitch softball pattern, you will blow the other teams out of the water by utilizing a professional glove like this model. Make the most out of your next softball glove purchase by ordering the Natural Elite. You will even benefit from free shipping!

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Rival Series

With pro level patterns, the Rival is a great solution for your softball needs. The basket web is tight for security and reliability, while maintaining a flexible feel for ease of use. There is even a bio-dry moisture control wrist lining for comfort and functionality.

easton softball glove reviews
Rival Series

There are few things worse than getting to the seventh inning stretch where every pitch, catch, and run matters the most and finding that the moisture on your wrist has begun to create a very uncomfortable and potentially painful situation for you. You will not ever have to worry about that with the Rival. Along side reliability and comfort, you will be able to feel like a professional out of the field with the custom pro fit system.

No more just buying one because it fits on your hand. Now you can have a model that fits your custom needs, just like the professionals, and all for a reasonable price! The customized fit includes narrower wrist options, and finger stalls for your convenience. For comfort, there is the super soft Oasis lining that will have you sitting in the lap of luxury while you beat out the competition at all of your games.

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The Easton Synergy series offers players an upgraded feel for an extremely reasonable price. It provides customers with the standard patterning for the game, with a myriad of specialized features that will set the glove apart from the competition.

best easton softball gloves

The Easton Synergy series has an adjustable Velcro wrist strap so that the glove can grow and adjust with your needs. Let’s face it, sometimes throughout the game you need to adjust your glove to get the level of comfort that you require for different needs. Furthermore, sometimes you simply need more support on your wrist than other times. The adjustable Velcro strap makes that possible from game to game, and even through out one game if need be.

The basket web is standard designed for that classic style that every player is looking to achieve. It can be incredibly uncomfortable when your fingers start to accumulate moisture in the glove during the game, therefore, advanced features like the bio-dri moisture control finger linings are a must have for your next purchase. Why settle for standard, when you can have professional grade products for the same price? This model is made with soft tumble oil-tanned leather for that awesome look, and classic feel that will last for years to come!

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We hope you have enjoyed our look at the top Easton softball gloves currently available. We guarantee if you go with an Easton made product that you will be completely satisfied any may never go back! Easton values your investment in their product and rarely lets any softball player down.

Reviews of the top Louisville Slugger gloves

Looking for softball gloves can be a difficult process with all of the different size, and types out there. Year after year, the Louisville Slugger brand seems to come through to provide innovative, cost effective gloves for all levels of softball players. Just about anyone who has played an inning of baseball or softball has heard of the Slugger brand, but mainly for the bats that are incredibly popular. But don’t forget about their line of fastpitch gloves. Using the most detailed patterns possible, Louisville combined power and beauty to give you the best gloves possible.

This website features what we consider to be the top three choices from Louisville: the Dynasty, Icon American, and the Valkyrie. You can find our mini reviews for each below.

Icon American
Dynasty Series

Icon American

Now that you are ready to invest in your next glove, it is time to make a purchase that will have you out on the field looking like a professional and for a reasonable price compared to high end models of gloves with similar features. It is time for you to consider hitting the field with a great glove like the Louisville Icon America glove.

louisville softball gloves
Icon American

With two-toned leather look, this glove is not only functional, but it is fashionable as well. This glove comes with a pattern that will have you looking and feeling like a professional ball player as soon as you slip the glove on to your hand. The Louisville Icon America glove is carefully crafted with American steerhide leather for a luxurious feel, and sturdy design.

The glove is fully customizable with a Velcro adjustable wrist strap for your convenience. You will be able to change the feel of the glove with your needs through out a game and through the season by simply tightening or loosening the wrist strap. This glove is proudly made in the United States of America, and can be yours in no time with free shipping and direct delivery.

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Dynasty Series

If you are in the market for your next glove and you are on a limited budge, yet you do not want to sacrifice quality for budgeting restrictions, do not fret! There is the perfect glove out there with a ton of upgraded features that is still within a reasonable price range. This glove comes with a classic name that is easily recognizable amongst the competition.

louisville softball glove reviews
Dynasty Series

You need to invest in the Louisville Dynasty glove. There is the convenience of an adjustable Velcro wrist strap that will help you to be able to find the perfect fit for your glove as your needs fluctuate. If you get this glove younger in life, then the glove will be able to grow with you, as you get older. Furthermore, if you need it loose fit, or tighter for more support, you can easily adjust the wrist strap to suit your personal needs. You can benefit from the closed back with a finger hole for your convenience to use if you so please. Most gloves you have to break in but this glove comes equipped with a game ready feel that will have you out of the field in no time flat!

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TPS Valkyrie

You have focused your skills to become a valuable member of the team, and now it is time to equip yourself like one. The Louisville Valkyrie glove is a professional grade glove that comes in many different sized patterns.

best louisville softball gloves
TPS Valkyrie

This is a middle of the road glove in terms of price; however, the amount of value that you get from an excellent glove such as this will make the experience with the Louisville Valkyrie priceless! There is a unique basket web that will help to increase the flexibility of the basket for ease of use. The adjustable Velcro wrist strap offers customers the ability to customize the positioning and fit of the glove at his, or her, own convenience.

You know what it is like to be working through a game and need more support, well now you can give yourself more support by simply tightening the strap, and then loosening the wrist strap when you are resting. The power is in your hands with the Louisville Valkyrie glove. There is bruise guard padding to help to keep your hands safe through out the season, and a closed back for support. Furthermore, there is dye through lacing for added durability so that you can rest assured that this glove with last for a long time!

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As you can see from our list of reviews above, there is a lot to like when it comes to Louisville softball gloves. Widely considered to be the best available, there is no doubt that you are making a safe bet when going with the Louisville Slugger brand. Hopefully the gloves above are the ones to take your game to the next level!

What I think are the top Mizuno gloves available

With the thousands of different softball gloves available to be found all over the place, the choice becomes incredibly difficult. One of the best brands available according to many who play the game is those made by Mizuno. This page features what we believe are the best three softball gloves that this company has to offer. In fact, the most recognizable softball player of all time – Jennie Finch wears and promotes Mizuno softball products all of the time. After all if they are good enough for her, they will be good for any aspiring player.

As mentioned this page is dedicated to the reviews of what we fell are the top ones available which includes the Franchise, Franchise Finch, and MVP models. We feel all three of these choices offer great bang for your buck.

Mizuno Franchise
Franchise (Finch series)
Mizuno MVP


Have a one of a kind look out on the field with the mahogany dark brown appeal of the Mizuno Franchise. For a reasonable price you can be the most unique player on the field with a pattern that stands out among the crowd.

mizuno softball gloves

With the “adjust-a-size” Velcro enclosure, you will be able to customize the feel for the various needs you have during the game. If you need more support, you simply tighten the wrist strap on the glove, if you need room to move around, then you loosen the wrist strap. It is that convenient. There is a closed back so that you can benefit from the added support.

Furthermore, there is high lacing so that the glove will have added durability and last longer than just one season. The high lacing also works toward offering you enhanced flexibility. The ParaShock palm pad makes for a great advanced feature that will help to protect your palm through out the game, as well as make your plays more effective and efficient. Where on the other side of the palm’s design there is an ultra soft lining so that you can be protected and comfortable at the same time.

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Franchise Finch

The Franchise Finch is an excellent solution for the player that wants to be professional and look great out on the field. With increased fashion and functionality it can be ordered for both left handed and right handed players. Not only that, but with the backing of the best softball player of all time – Jennie Finch – you know you have a winner on your hands with this one.

mizuno softball glove reviews
Franchise Jennie Finch

The model comes with a standard pattern and a closed back for added support through out the game. There is a double hinged heel that increases the width of the pocket for increased accuracy and ease of use. Most need to be worked in for months before they are ready to be used in a game. Not this one! The Mizuno Franchise Finch comes with a game ready feel that will have you prepared and out on the field ready to play in no time at all.

The glove was crafted with oiled durasoft leather that is soft to the touch, yet durable so that it can last for a long time. The ParaShock palm pad makes for a great addition as it will help to keep you safe and increase the efficiency of the plays that you are involved in.

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Are you looking for the next installment for gloves in your ball-playing career? There is a perfect one for you and all of your sporting needs, and it is known as the MVP series. This is a retro inspired glove that will have you being the talk of the town, and the envy of all of your teammates.

best mizuno softball gloves

For a reasonable price you can have the Mizuno MVP that is designed with bio throwback leather so that you can emulate your favorite players on the field. This truly unique look will not only provide you with a fashionable solution for your glove needs; however, it has an increased level of functionality and upgraded features as well. With a center pocket design for customized break in, you can make this one your own in a short time frame.

There is a conventional open back, and a game ready feel that will have you out on the field looking like an all-star just as soon as the glove arrives to your home. Furthermore, you can benefit from free shipping and have this reasonably priced model along with all of the on-field benefits in a hurry.

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If you go with this company, we feel that you are making a great long lasting choice. They are one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to softball equipment and the gloves they make are held to the same high standard as all other equipment. We hope you have enjoyed our look at the top Mizuno softball gloves available.

Breaking down the top Nokona gloves

If you are a softball player who wants a glove that is constructed with precision and only using the best material possible, then you want a Nokona. Built right in the USA, each model is stitched, laced, and constructed by an American worker. With the economy the way it is lately, this is an incredible feat for any company to avoid the lures of the off shore world like most do. So not only are you receiving one of the highest quality gloves ever made, but you are also supporting fellow Americans with your purchase.

Below we feature reviews on the best three choices available right now. These models include the Bloodline, Buffalo Combo, and Walnut series. Each offer the same high quality construction but also have unique features to set them apart from each other.

Buffalo Combo
Walnut Series


Is it time for you to invest in a new glove? Are you having a hard time finding the perfect one for you and your ball-playing needs? The Buckaroo is an excellent choice for any of your on-field needs this season.

nokona softball gloves

The Nokona Buckaroo is a great choice that comes in a couple of styles in order to be customized to your personal color preference. It comes with a pro-level pattern and offers a truly professional feel for your needs. You will be the envy of all of your teammates, and definitely the talk of the competition with a professional grade glove like this.

While this model is traditionally more expensive than others, you will be able to benefit from all of the upgraded features that are yours to take advantage of. It is designed with a combination of kangaroo and cow leathers to create a uniquely sturdy and comfortable feel. There is an adjustable Velcro strap for your convenience through out the game, and a closed back for added support. This product is proudly made in the United States of America.

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Buffalo Combo

If you are in the market for a professional grade model that will have you looking like an all-star on the field, and your budget is not an issue, then you absolutely have to consider the Nokona Buffalo Combo.

nokona softball glove reviews
Buffalo Combo

The Buffalo Combo is an amazing solution that will offer you an advanced level of fashion with the two-toned leather that is eye catching and aesthetically appealing. It comes fully equipped with a 13-inch pattern, and an adjustable Velcro wrist strap. The worst feeling on the field is, needing to have added support and not being able to make adjustments.

With the adjustable wrist strap you are able to change the tightness or looseness of the wrist area with the simple movement of the placement of the strap. If you need added support you simply tighten the strap, and if you need room in the wrist area, then you simply loosen the wrist strap. It is there for your convenience. The basket web is a unique design to offer added support and flexibility for your needs during the game, and the closed back will help to offer you added support. Overall, this is a professional grade glove that you can take advantage of.

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Finally a glove that will offer you professional fashion appeal, and functionality at the same time! While the Nokona Walnut is on the higher end of pricing, it is well worth it for players who have perfected his or her game enough to the point that he or she is ready to equip him or her self with the top of the line tools to play to the best ability.

best nokona softball gloves

This glove is an advanced level model that comes with 12 to 13-inch patterns with an adjustable wrist strap for your convenience. This adjustable wrist strap will give you the power to change the tightness or looseness of the wrist area depending on your needs through out the game, and the whole season.

It is designed in the classic walnut crunch leather, with a closed back for added support through out the game. For even more control and support you have access to pinky and thumb loops inside for full control for anyone playing a fielder position. While there is some break in required, it can be yours in no time while you benefit from free shipping both ways and get started playing the game of your life with the Walnut glove!

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With an incredible feature set and a durable construction, you can never go wrong with any choice of Nokona softball gloves. As mentioned earlier, each purchase you make supports your local economy and helps create/sustain many different jobs. Where most companies outsource some of their production line with the goal of creating the most units possible, Nokona would prefer to create fewer gloves but ensure that each is more high quality than the rest.

Which Wilson gloves are the best choices?

For both baseball and softball players, it would be extremely rare to goto a game and not see someone wearing or using Wilson branded equipment. Many elite level players (especially fastpitch softball players) – including those that play for Team USA – use Wilson in the field. Most people who wear Wilson feel that the gloves provide them with the best fit they’ve ever used. What we like about them, and more specifically their line of softball gloves, is that there are many different options to choose from. You are not required to spend a huge amount of money if you just want an average model. On the other hand if you are looking for a top of the line professional level choice then you can find one at a reasonable price.

Below we feature reviews on the top three models we feel that the company makes including the A2K, A440 and A1000 superskin.

A1000 Superskin
A440 Series
A2K Series

A1000 superskin

The A1000 model is one of the more popular ones offered by Wilson. The unique feature that sets this one apart from the others is how it is constructed. They have applied what they call a Superskin exterior which is designed to be twice as strong, but be lighter than the regular leather you’d find on other models. This ensure for both better performance on the field and more durability so you don’t have to replace your glove so often!

Outside of the top level Superskin, the rest of the glove features Wilson’s own ECCO leather throughout the inside and outside. This leather has gotten rave reviews as it features a quick break-in period, and has been increased substantially in the area of softness. In addition to the excellent feel provided by the A1000, additional lining has been added to the wrist area specifically designed to keep sweat away from your skin on those hot summer days.

We really like everything offered by the A1000 and believe you will too. For under $100, you can get a pro level model that features MLB patterns that are not found in most models from this price range. With advanced features such as pre-curved fingers, and shock reduction, this one is a true winner!


One of the more commonly sold gloves over the past year has been the A440 series. Although less expensive than most, there are many things to like about this glove and you shouldn’t discount it when looking at the price tag on its own.

The reason for the popularity of the A440 is that the glove makes it incredibly easy to catch a softball. Using what Wilson has named a Monsta Web pattern; softballs will easily land directly in the pocket just like larger models. So if you’ve ever found that your 12-13 inch glove was a bit too small and difficult to catch with, the A440 might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Another great aspect included in the A440 is the increased control players feel they receive. This makes your defensive game even easier.

With a nice tight fit around your hand, and an easier snapping mechanism added, it’s no wonder that the A440 has become such a sought after piece of equipment.


The A2K series is Wilson’s more advanced model that is meant for competitive level players. Many players believe the A2K series is on par or better than other similar styled ones made by other companies.

As you imagine, the company makes thousands and thousands every year, which means they collect a lot of leather for the construction phase. To keep the A2K series at its best, they only use the top 5% of their leather stock ensuring that each and every A2K made is flawless.

Special processes are also in place when it is actually manufactured. Instead of simply being machine pressed, employees spend three times longer stretching, and shaping the A2K model making it softer and more durable than any other choice on the market. After all, a softer model makes for a much quicker break-in time which is what we all want at the end of the day.

The final feature we’ll quickly review is the Dual-Welting technology that has been added to the A2K series. Dual-Welting adds a pre-curved design to each of the finger stalls on the inside of the glove. This provides additional stability and support allowing you to feel more in control. This combined with the high quality construction make it one of the top choices made by Wilson.

Final thoughts

As you can see there are many pros & cons to each of the products listed above and there are many more that we have not even covered! Wilson softball gloves are constantly one of the top selling brands year after year among fastpitch softball players (including professionals). You’ll never go wrong with any of the choices we featured above.

Top choices when it comes to Worth gloves

Made popular by their great bats and softballs, you should not underestimate the high quality construction that goes into each and every Worth softball glove. As you will find out below, there are many different models and sizes available meaning the same pro or entry level is available in smaller and larger sizes. Another great aspect with this company is that they have models for both men and women. Fastpitch softball players can choose between many different models that feature narrower wrist openings and finger stalls, while men can enjoy the same high quality model without the additional modifications. With many advanced level features included in each, Worth has become more and more popular year after year.

Below we feature our top-3 choices when it comes to Worth softball gloves. We have provided a brief review of each to indicate what type of player is best suited for each.

Toxic Lite

Toxic Lite

The Toxic Lite Series is designed to accommodate smaller hands. You can purchase the glove in both left and right-hand styles, and after just one look of the glove there is no question this is just what you will want to do.

The Toxic Lite Series features a full grain oil-treated leather shell. This shell is durable and long-lasting so replacing your gloves is a thing of the past. The awesome design will take you back to baseball games of yesteryear, and you are certain to enjoy this pleasantry associated with the glove. It features Palm & Index Finger padding, both of which make it much more comfortable to wear.

With softball patterns and webs every person who wears it is sure to enjoy it. It is stylish and looks great on any hand that it touches. Add the affordable price and the awesome features and this is a glove that will always far exceed your expectations.

If you are a competitive player looking for the latest and greatest to give you that edge you’ve been looking for, this is one that should get the job done. You will love it!

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It’s all about the game and how you play it, and with the Century you can be certain that you are playing the game to the best of the ability. This amazing model is available for both left and right hand players, made with quality and stylish design that makes the game even more exciting than what it already is. It is certainly one that should change the way that you play.

The Century FPEX Series is made of full grain steer hide that keeps it durable and ready to take even the hardest of throws. The oil-treated leather shell also keeps you protected while giving you flexibility to move around and do more. There are leather finger back linings and a palm liner included in this glove as well as the Poron XRD palm pad that reduces impact on your hand and reduces the sting as well.

The glove from Worth Sports follows a 100 year tradition of quality and unsurpassed durability in sports products so you can always make the purchase with complete ease. It features an affordable price, designed attractively and equipped with the amazing features that you want and need.


When the game is so much more than a game, the Mayhem is there to rescue you. It proves there is a difference in what you buy. Those who use this one can always expect their game to reach extraordinary heights without fail.

The patterns on this model are delightful. They bring life while also ensuring they represent the game well. Anyone will be proud to slip this one on their hand and play the game. Add the comfort it should bring you and you can’t go wrong.

When you are in the market for a glove the one thing that you want the most is durability and sturdiness. Gloves really take a beating in the game of softball and baseball, and without a quality model playing the game is almost impossible. Thanks to the Mayhem this is never the case. It is made with long-lasting quality that always delivers what you need during the entire season. The glove is affordable, and thanks to its construction you can reduce replacements during the year.

With the Silencer palm pad that reduces impact and the adjustable pockets, this one should deliver a great deal of improvements in your game.

Final thoughts

As you can see from the three reviews above, there are many great advantages to owning products made by Worth. We believe you will be absolutely amazed at the high quality construction and the great performance benefits you’ll receive when wearing a Worth softball glove. Best of luck in your search!

A look at the different Rawlings gloves available

If you are looking for a great mix of style, quality and affordability then a softball glove made by Rawlings might be exactly what you are looking for. With many different models to choose from, the choice of which are best can be a difficult one. Fortunately for you, this page is dedicated to our reviews of the best three choices available to you right now. Rawlings has been in the baseball/softball business for many years so it should come as no surprise that they put out a quality product. With a main focus on creating innovative and specialized equipment, it is no wonder that items such as their gloves rank so high at all levels of softball play.

As mentioned earlier, below we review our top three choices which include the Player Preferred, Champion Series, and Playmaker models.

Player Preferred
Champion Series

Player Preferred

If you are looking for a durable glove that allows you freedom as well as an attractive design and many features, the Rawlings Player Preferred is deserving of your attention. This model looks absolutely amazing, offering a tanned retro leather shell that looks like you’re playing a softball game of yesterday.

The already broken-in gloves contain massive padding and comfort so your hands are never taking more of a beating than what is necessary. Other features unique to the Player Preferred include the Flex Loop custom fitting option, Zero Shock Palm Pads that reduce sting and impact of the ball and the Speed Trap Heel cut outs that make it easy to close so you can move faster. Other features include the full grain leather lacing. This makes it durable and long-lasting but also flexible enough to wear for an enjoyable game.

This is an attractive glove with both left and right hand options. With its affordable price and awesome features, this is great choice you should look at. It could be the last one you’ll even need.

Champion Series

While most gloves are designed to fit smaller hands or larger hands, there are very few out there that are designed for a specific gender. Introducing the Champion Series. This model designed to be worn by female softball players, providing an attractive, durable option that takes the game to a whole new level.

The Champion Series has narrow hand spreads. For those with smaller hands this makes it much easier to catch and control the ball. Add the deep pocket and you can be certain you are enjoying softball to the fullest.

If you need quality, you cannot go wrong with the Champion series. They are constructed of full grain leather, enabling you to have a high-quality product you can see and feel. As soon as you purchase this one you can begin wearing it as it has a quick break-in. Gloves that are slow to break in are an absolute pain as you can imagine!

To round out the great features, the Champion Series includes a Zero Shock Palm pad. This makes those ball hits easier on the hand and reduces the impact. There is also foam fitted finger stalls and a Velcro strap around the wrist to ensure the perfect fit. This is a glove that is built to last and priced to move out the door. Make sure that it is a top choice on your list.

Playmaker Series

Rawlings is a company well known for producing high quality sporting goods, and with the Playmaker Series they did not disappoint the expectations the company name brings. These gloves are an absolute delight to the life of any serious player, and if you are ready to experience a whole new level of the game, this one might be perfect for you.

The PlayMaker offers a full grain leather palm with a basket web that actually help you catch the ball even easier. It also offers a Neo-Flex Conventional back which allows you to close it easily and in turn you be certain that it stays in place just where you want it. With a Velcro wrist strap those who wear the PlayMaker can count on it fitting their hand perfectly. It is made for small hands and works well for girls, with both right and left handed options available.

The PlayMaker is comfortable and breathable, enabling the game to be even more enjoyable. It contains a great design that you’ll surely want to show off to your friends. Combine these features with the affordable price and it makes for a great choice.

As you can see from the three gloves we reviewed, there are quite a wide variety of choices a softball player can make. If you are on a budget, then we would recommend the Champion Series as they will typically cost you less than $50. For more competitive players, we recommend the Player Preferred series.