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Best ASA slowpitch bats for 2019

No matter which type of softball league you choose to play in, the type of bat you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preference. Thanks to new technology, softball bats are now able to be tailored to your individual strengths. The key is to find that bat that will help you take your game to a new level.

With over 3 million players, and over 200,000 teams the Amateur Softball Association (or ASA for short) is the most common governing body that you’ll need to ensure your bat is approved for. You may be wondering how a piece of equipment is determined to meet ASA standards. The nice thing about this association is that they take great pride in protecting the game and ensuring its integrity is always met. By using a committee representing different players, coaches, and umpires, new pieces of equipment are constantly tested and analyzed to ensure that the aforementioned integrity is kept.

Easton Salvo Scandium
Louisville Z4
Miken Psycho
Demarini The ONE OG

So what are the biggest differences when it comes to ASA bats in comparison to others? One of the main differences is what is called the Batted Ball Speed (or BBS for short) which is a measure of how quickly the ball will leave the bat and how quick it would look to a player on the field. For a bat to be ASA-approved it must meet the 98 mph standard. Other leagues like the USSSA allow for a quicker BBS of 100 mph.

Now that you know the main things to look out for, let’s look at the hottest ASA bats for 2019.

1- Easton Salvo Scandium

The first model that we believe would benefit players in an ASA league is the Easton Salvo Scandium which is currently priced at under $200 making it quite an affordable option for slowpitch players.

The Salvo Scandium could very well be designated as a power hitters dream due to its construction and the pop it can produce. Constructed using Easton’s own THT100 Scandium alloy, the bat promises to be light yet still remain easy to control. The THT100 material is used for the entire bat (i.e. 1-piece) which is typically a characteristic that a power hitter looks for as the bat will feel more rigid and provide less forgiveness when making good solid contact. Lastly, the alloy promises to also provide a great level of durability allowing you to use it for numerous seasons without cracking or needing a new model. However if that does happen you still have a 1-year warranty period to take advantage of.

Another important feature that power hitters often look for is a nice fluid but heavier feeling swing weight. Although the heaviness may slow down the swing slightly, the extra power provided may just be the difference between hitting to the warning track or over the fence. The Salvo Scandium features an end loaded swing meaning that your swings would generate more distance when hit properly. The Salvo Scandium also has various levels of end load. For instance the 26oz model comes with 1 ounce of end load, while the 28oz model comes with 3 full ounces of end load for even more power. So depending on your strength, this model should give you plenty of distance and pop.

The final feature that we will highlight on this page is the use of gauze batting grip. One of the worst feeling as a hitter no matter how good the bat may be is to not have a nice firm and comfortable grip on the handle. After all having an uncomfortable grip may not just be a deterrent to your game but could also cause injuries. This gauze grip should be sticky enough to allow for very little slipping during your swing so you can feel comfortable while knocking softballs all over the field.

2- Louisville Z4

The next bat on our ASA list, the Louisville Z4, coincidentally made it on our list of the best slowpitch softball bats as well. And for good reason. Many players who have reviewed this model on various sites have indicated that it feels very hot and helps in hitting bombs all over the field. Although this is the first year for the Z4, it has been around in other years as the Z-1000, Z-2000, and Z-3000. Each time they upgrade, it seems to keep getting better and better!

Most hitters have heard of 1 and 2-piece bats where a 1-piece is built using a single material while a 2-piece is constructed using two different materials that are molded together. The Z4 is quite neat with this respect as they have taken this a bit further by building a 3-piece bat. So how does this work? Basically, both the barrel and handle are constructed with Louisville’s own Pure 360 composite. Instead of blending this together to make a 1-piece bat, the Z4 has a TRU3 piece inserted in between. Louisville believes this will send more energy to the barrel (and therefore increasing distance), and reduce bat sting and vibrations.

The Z4 also features a balanced swing which is perfect for contact hitters. Balance swinging bats provide a consistent speed and feeling as opposed to their end loaded counterparts that are built a bit heavier in order to drive hits further.

One of the next greatest features included in the 2016 version of the Z4 is a “Grit Blast Finish” which has been applied to the barrel. This extra finish provides more spin on the ball allowing you to drop hits into areas where no fielders are waiting. This finish also should provide you with stronger hits that have greater distance and travel quicker off the bat.

As a contact hitter, there is a lot to like about this model!

3- Miken Psycho Maxload

If you are looking for some serious power then the Miken Psycho Maxload might be exactly what you are after. Fully approved for play in ASA leagues, this model has been also upgraded with some newer features for the 2019 season. In past years this has been one of the hottest bats and I do not expect this year to be any different!

So what makes the Psycho Maxload a power hitter’s best friend (besides the name)? Here are some of the features we feel will benefit a power hitter:

  • One piece bat – many homerun hitters prefer the strength and rigidness provided by a one-piece bat. The Miken Psycho 100COMP certified meaning that it has been built using premium material which in turn gives this model better performance and durability. You can see more about this technology by checking out this video from Youtube.
  • 750X HPI – More than likely your first reaction to this feature is “Huh”? The 750X HPI technology was developed by Miken and has been used in many of their bats. Basically a strong resin is injected inside the bat under a high pressure mechanism. This probably sounds quite complicated and it is for me to but according to the bats specifications this technology should further enhance the power and durability in the bat.
  • End loaded swing – Although the first two features were probably enough to convince you that this bat is built for crushing homers, there is one additional feature to note – the extra half ounce of weight added to the bottom of the barrel. Although end loaded bats tend to feel a bit heavier to swing when you make nice solid contact in your wheel house, you’ll quickly see the little extra pop it’ll provide.

Other than the features above designed more for power hitters, there are a few additional benefits including the comfortable handle, the great brand name backing, and perhaps most importantly…the price. As you are very well aware, there are many softball bats that can cost upwards of $400. At just over $200 – the Miken Psycho Maxload may be a bargain for some.

4- Demarini The One OG

We just couldn’t make a “best ASA bats” list without including a model made by Demarini who many feel is the best company around for bats. This year, we are expecting that the Demarini ONE OG will be a top seller for ASA leagues largely due to the fact that the model from last year was quite popular and from the specification sheets it looks like the model has been improved.

One of the main reasons for this models popularity is that it is more of a balanced bat meaning that it will help both contact (or gap), and homerun hitters. This is primarily due to the high performance 13 inch 4.One composite barrel. The 4.One material has been used on quite a few Demarini bats over the past couple of years and continues to be a favorite as it has been known to provide quite a bit of pop.

One item that is a bit newer is the ZnX alloy handle that has been applied to the OG. This handle combines both of zinc and aluminum material to create a handle that should provide more durability and feel stiffer on the swing. This stiffness and resistance is what power hitters tend to look for as they’ll experience a better energy transfer right to the softball. So in simplified terms, when you make proper contact, a softball should have a tough time staying in the park! Although many players believe that 2-piece bats have less power than 1-piece models, based on everything we have read about the ONE OG, there could be tremendous power potential in this one.

Although we are looking at ASA specific bats on this page, it should be noted that this bat can be used in other popular associations as well. So if you have a sibling, or play in different leagues that have different standards then you can take full advantage of this model.

Well there you have it. We feel that we have outline the top four softball bat options available for softball players who need an ASA approved bat this summer. If you feel we’ve missed any or know of another model that we should highlight then please let us know. Thanks for stopping by!

Best Mens Softball bats

When playing the game of softball, the type of bat you use can and will have a direct impact on your overall success. It doesn’t matter how strong you are…if your bat can’t stand up to the pressure, you will never hit a home run, let alone make it to first base.

best mens softball bats

This page is dedicated to what we feel are the best mens softball bats available. The primary focus is on slowpitch models.

When looking for a men’s bat there are 5 key components you should probably consider: Bat length, bat weight, amount of power, barrel material, and league certifications.

The problem is with so many different bats on the market, its very difficult to determine which bat is best for your needs. If you have been struggling to find a men’s bat that’s great for playing the game of softball, hopefully this article will help you out. Below you will find 3 softball bats you should consider: The Easton Salvo Scandium, Anderson Flex, and the Easton Salvo (end-loaded variation).

1- Easton Salvo Scandium

This end loaded bat is extremely popular among mens players. No matter what level you play on, or the type of league you play in, the Salvo Series of bats should provide you with an increased level of performance. Thanks to the 1-piece Scandium design which consists of a single wall alloy barrel, the sweet spot has been expanded giving you a larger hitting surface while at the same time increasing the bats durability.

This is all comprised in a Single System design that provides players with better bat control. The better you can control the bat, the more power and consistency you can get behind your swing. The Easton Salvo also comes with what Easton calls “Ultra Thin Gauze Grip” which promises hitters a stronger grip and feeling around the handle.

The Salvo is a perfect fit for power hitters as the end loaded swing weight allows the hitter to generate more power from the bottom of the bat. After all every little bit of extra power will help turn those hits into homers. The Salvo Scandium has the 1.20 BPF certification and can be used for play in the following softball associations: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

2- Anderson Flex

By all accounts when looking at the product description, ff you want a bat that is virtually bulletproof, then the Anderson Flex may be the closest thing to it. The Flex is built using aerospace alloy and because of its one piece design, many consider it the absolute best when it comes to durability. With this bat dents and cracks midway through the season should be a thing of the past.

As you very well know, balance and speed are extremely important when it comes to snapping the bat head through the zone. The Flex Slow Pitch is the perfectly balanced bat for hitters giving you consistency with every swing. Add that to the buggy whip handle and you have everything you need to hit the ball with maximum impact.

One feature you will really love is the reduced moment of inertia. Inertia is the amount of effort it takes to swing the bat. With the reduced moment of inertia you should be able to achieve neck breaking bat speeds without any extra effort. You will literally have the force of a sledgehammer when you swing the bat. The result will be extremely powerful hits and unbelievable ball speed.

Another feature you should really like is the FLEX plush padded spiral grip. With this grip blisters and sore hands will no longer be an issue. Though it has leather tough durability, it is still very soft to the touch. And unlike other bats, this one doesn’t take months to break in. All it takes is a few swings and it will be primed and ready to go. We feel it would make a great choice for many male softball players.

3- Easton Salvo

The last of the bats that we think makes a great choice for any male player is the Easton Salvo – especially if your game is power. The version shown to the left is the end-loaded variation of the Salvo and has a little bit of extra weight in the bottom to provide you with a little extra pop. Constructed using 100% IMX Advanced Composite, this ASA approved bat has a very well optimized sweet spot.

Because of this you are able get maximum overall performance with every swing. For better bat control and more whip speed, the Easton Salvo uses the single system composite design and the ultra thin, gauze grip handle. With a weight of less than 3 pounds, this bat is easy to handle and doesn’t add too much tension to your swing.

This is yet another Salvo bat created with the power hitter in mind. It has been approved only for ASA and ISF leagues.

When choosing a softball bat, be sure to take your time. This is not a decision you want to make hastily. Make sure you understand the pros and cons associated with each bat. This is especially important if you are a serious player. A good bat will prove to be your most valuable asset. So make sure you choose wisely. If you need to, head to your local batting cage and take a few swings with a demo bat. This will help you better determine what you need.

Once you have your bat, its time to hit the tee and get to work on your swing!

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats – Upgrade your Power Today! (2019 Update)

Let’s get one thing right out of the way…

best slowpitch softball batsSlowpitch and fastpitch softball are much different games.

So…then why do most websites include bats for both on a single page?

Instead of doing what everyone else does, we want to showcase the best slowpitch softball bats on their own.

We certainly realize that you as a slowpitch player have different needs than a fastpitch player.

So whether you are playing for your work league, or are a more competitive player, check out these great options for this year!

ImageSlowitch BatReview (/5)PriceSwingLatest Price
Louisville Z45$$$Balanced and Power
Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax5$$End Loaded
Demarini SF84.5$$Balanced
Demarini One OG4.2$$End Loaded

One of the easiest ways to find the right slowpitch bat is by checking out various reviews. Although we provide full reviews as well, you may only be interested in a quick run down of our top 5. If that sounds like you, this next section is for you.

1- Louisville Z4

For 2019, we feel the Louisville Z4 is the best slowpitch softball bat available. One of the main reasons is because many believed last years Louisville Z4000 was the best slowpitch bat ever made. However, the model has been improved even more this year! Louisville Slugger was already considered the hottest bat in slow pitch softball. The Z4 combines the revolutionary TRU3 technology with SWING 1 inner Disc design to deliver a bat that feels good on contact and gives nothing but powerful hits off it.

Using the TRU3 technology, Louisville Slugger has created the first ever, 3 piece slow pitch softball bat. This 3 piece design strengthens the link between the barrel and the handle and gives it more of a trampoline spring. While making it sturdier, it allows the bat to flex, dramatically reducing the negative vibration and sting on contact.

The S1iD technology, at the same time, gives the Z4 an awesome pop right out of the wrapper. Although it’s made from Pure 360 Composite, the bat requires no breaking in time with the exceptionally brilliant S1iD design that allows the walls to flex to their maximum level, giving you an awesome pop off it, right out of the wrapper.

With a 12 inch pro style barrel, the Z-3000 is made for power hitters who want to add distance to their hits and increase their batting average. This one is truly a game changer! Read our full Louisville Z4 review.

2- Miken Izzy

The next of our quick slowpitch reviews looks at the Miken Izzy Psycho. This brand new version of the bestselling and most requested bat, the Miken Izzy Psycho is the signature model of Jeremy Isenhower, one of the best softball players on the field today. This is the bat Izzy swings and many other top players choose to have.

Featuring a 14.5 inch barrel length and a weight range of 26-30 oz., complete with a stiff handle, this one is especially made for power hitters. It is simply too hot for beginners. If you are strong enough to swing an end loaded bat with a full ounce end load that delivers maximum power, get the Miken Izzy psycho.

The Miken Izzy Psycho features a 1 piece design and is a certified 100 COMP, which is Miken’s revolutionary formula that utilizes 100% premium aerospace grade carbon and aramid fibers to deliver hot out of the wrapper performance, an awesome pop, larger sweet spot, and unparalleled durability. But that’s not all. The Miken Izzy is also built with the new 750X HPI technology that uses extreme power to inject ultra tough epoxy into the highest-grade carbon fibers. This remarkable pair of 100 COMP formula and 750X HPI delivers a consistent performance and cutting-edge durability. Check out of full Miken Izzy Phycho review for more.

3- Demarini SF8

The DeMarini SF8 has got to be one of the best slowpitch softball bats for the serious hitter. You can really see the 20 years of experience from the engineers who built this one come out in this 2016 model. While the SF8 is a completely balanced bat with a ZnX double wall alloy barrel, it doesn’t feel like it. What do that mean? Well, while a perfectly balanced model still feels like it has a weighted barrel, the SF8 feels like it could balance like a teeter-totter.

The C6 composite handle is perfect for the best power hitters, giving enough flex without feeling wobbly, and because it’s a DeMarini you know it absorbs vibration while returning full power to the ball. The Thrasher Grip is not only synonymous with super tacky grip, but probably the best vibration absorbing material in a grip across all types. That in and of itself would be enough for most manufacturers to stop and say “Here is the best one we make!”…not so fast if you are DeMarini. With the N2M end cap, you will see a further transfer of energy, giving even more power to the hit, and sending it deep every time.

While the SF8 feels advantaged enough to be a banned one, this is the All-Associations Model – approved for use in USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISF, and ISA. Seems like somebody up there wants you to have an edge! Add in a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, and there is NO reason you shouldn’t have at least one of these bats on your team. You can see our review here.

4- Demarini One OG

The last of our best slowpitch softball bats list looks at the Demarini The One OG model. DeMarini brings their most innovative construction technology back to the diamond to give players an almost unfair advantage. DeMarini the ONE OG slow pitch bat is particularly made for high performance senior level play for players who have been hitting hard for years and have now earned the right to demand the very best that can help them shoot rockets on the field.

This model features the company’s 4.ONE stiffest composite barrel that uses narrow carbon fibers in multiple layered construction to provide the best ever stiffness and unmatched durability. The RCK end cap creates maximum stiffness at the end of the barrel and drives energy back to the sweet spot, providing more POP.

Complete with DeMarini’s best ever ZnX alloy handle, it also features the stiffest handle made by the company. The handle is tuned in perfectly with the composite barrel, resulting in the good feel that a 1-piece provides, while reducing negative vibrations on contact and giving optimized performance.

By pairing the stiffest composite barrel with the strongest alloy handle using innovative construction technology, DeMarini has truly created a monster that will shoot nothing but bombs. Although it requires a breaking in time of 300+ hits, but when broken in, this one will truly prove to be a beast. View our full Demarini The One review from here.

6 Tips in finding the Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

If you want to be a successful slowpitch player, the first step is buying the right kind of bat. The good news is the market offers a great deal of variety when it comes to slowpitch bats. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. In the same token, the sheer amount of variety can also be bad news as it makes finding the right bat extremely difficult. To help you find the right one, we have put together a list of 6 things you should consider when it comes to buying time. Keep these factors in mind and you are sure to find the perfect bat.

This includes:

  • Length – As opposed to fastpitch bats, the length of each slowpitch model is 34″. Although there are some that are smaller in length, they are quite rare. This leads us to our next point…
  • Weight – Even though each model typically has the same length, they differ in that a player is able to choose the weight they want to use. This weight normally ranges from 26 to 30 ounces and as you can imagine stronger player will more than likely opt for the heavier models so they can add some serious pop.
  • Swing distribution – Although covered a bit more on the main softball bat reviews page, there are two different choice for weight or swing distribution: balanced and end loaded. Balanced on one hand over a consistent, and quicker swing and are more suited for contact hitter. End loaded bats distribute their weight a little more towards the endcap therefore giving more power in the swing.


Weight plays a crucial role when it comes to choosing the right bat. Generally speaking, bats range in weight from 26oz to 30oz. However, you will rarely if ever find a bat that weighs 29oz. One thing to keep in mind is though heavier bats have more power, they also have slower swinging speeds due to their weight. Heavier bats are for players who already have a great deal of strength. If you are a smaller player opt for a lighter bat as it will allow you to swing faster.

Barrel Length

The length of a baseball bat barrel can vary between 12 and 14 inches. Shorter lengths are great for those who are strong hitters. If you are a speed hitter, longer lengths are best. The key is to select a barrel size and length that is comfortable to you. Before purchasing always give the bat a few swings to see how it feels.

League Approval

Each softball league is different and will therefore require different certifications for bats. ASA and USSSA are both responsible for ensuring all bats meet the standards set forth by the industry. It is your responsibility to check with your league to ensure you have a bat that fits within the rules.

If you are playing in the ASA league, make sure the bat you purchase has an ASA stamp. If it doesn’t, you will not be able to use it during game play. The ASA is known for having some pretty strict guidelines so be sure to check them before you go spend any money on a bat. You can check out our page dedicated exclusively to the best ASA slowpitch bats if interested.

If you plan on buying a used bat be very careful. Most associations will not allow players to use bats that have been cracked or heavily damaged. To find the rules and regulations for your league, visit their official website.


When it comes to manufacturing baseball bats there is a wide variety of materials used. Some of the more common materials used include composite, aluminum, wood and alloy. The type of material you choose will in large part be determined by your budget.

Most users love and recommend composite bats. However, they are expensive and tend to break over time. Wood bats are also very common. They can be made using Bamboo, Ash, Composite Wood, or Maple. Bamboo is considered the strongest and most durable. If you are a big hitting batter, opt for maple as it is stiff and can handle the force.

The last material is alloy or aluminum. Both are strong, durable and lightweight. They are cost effective and in most cases do not break. However, be careful as alloy is made out of carbon fiber and can sting your hands.

One Piece vs Two Piece

A one piece bat is one constructed using one continuous piece of metal. A two piece bat on the other hand has two sections that are bonded together. These two sections are the barrel and the handle.

One piece bats provide very little give if any at all. One piece bats give you more power with your swing since there is very little flex when you make contact with the ball. If you have an above average bat speed, you will love the one piece bat. It is perfect for power hitters.

Two piece bats are much more flexible than one piece bats. The way the two piece bat is constructed, it gives you the “whip” effect which leads to an increase in bat speed. If you consider yourself a contact hitter, or someone who has a below average bat speed, the two piece bat will work wonders for your game.

Balanced or End Loaded

When it comes to the overall balance of the bat, you can either use a balanced bat or an end loaded bat. End loaded bats have more weight in the barrel making them slightly imbalanced. Due to this imbalance, players are able to swing with more force and more speed.

But using an end loaded bat isn’t for everyone. It requires a great deal of patience to figure out your swinging angle. As a new player, your swinging angle can be unexpected. This can lead to many mishits until you are able to find the sweet spot. It will take some getting used to, but once you figure it out, an end loaded bat can help you take your game to the next level.

Advanced players tend to have the most success with end loaded bats. Balanced bats are exactly what they sound like. They are bats that have the weight of the bat evenly distributed. This makes for a very smooth swing and is great for those who don’t have a great deal of strength.

Since the weight is balanced, the swinging angle is easily predictable. If you are new to the game you will love this bat as it makes hitting the ball with the sweet spot a lot easier.

And there you have it, 6 very important factors to consider when buying a slowpitch softball bat. Always remember the best bat for you will depend on your personal preference. While these 6 factors can guide you, when it boils down to it, its all about what feels good to you when you swing.

Top Brands for Slowpitch players

When it comes to brands there is no shortage of diversity. And as you can imagine, finding which one is the best is not easy to do. After all, the best is ultimately determined by your personal preference. As far as slowpitch softball bats go, there are 4 brands that are at the head of the class. They are Miken, Easton, DeMarini and Rawlings. Let’s briefly discuss each one.


Miken has been around since 1998 and is known for manufacturing high end baseball and softball bats. In baseball circles all over the world, Miken bats are held in high regard. One of the things that make Miken bats stand out in the crowd is their Triple Matrix Core technology. This technology maximizes performance and durability by eliminating wall seams. Be sure to check with your league before purchasing a Miken bat as they are not allowed in all leagues.


Easton sports has built a legacy in the world of sports. And when it comes to bats they continue to build on that legacy. When Easton Sports was found in 1922, they manufactured bow and arrows. It wasn’t until 1969 that they decided to expand their interest and start manufacturing baseball bats.

30 years later, in 1999, Easton acquired Stix Baseball, Inc which allowed them to become one of the top manufactures of wooden baseball bats. Easton is known for developing innovative technologies such as MX technology and CNT technology. There are well over 100 professional baseball players who use Easton baseball bats. Prices ranges from as low as $40 to as high as $500.


If there is one thing that has driven the success of DeMarini brand bats, its the companies ability to constantly be on the cutting edge of technology. In 2010 DeMarini introduced the baseball world to Silver Trace technology. This special bond agent helps maximize the transfer of power to the barrel.

DeMarini uses a half composite, half aluminum combination to construct their bats. This means their bats contain twice as much Silver Trace. As a result you will have more power with every swing. In addition, many bats in the Voodoo Black line are made through an exclusive extrusion process. This process helps increase overall performance by varying wall thickness.

DeMarini bats, which are the brainchild of Ray DeMarini, have made a huge impact on the sport of baseball. When the company introduced the first multi wall bat to the world, their popularity increased exponentially. Now today, 25 years after the company was founded, they are recognized as one of the top bat companies in the world. Due to its unbelievable growth, Wilson acquired DeMarini in 2000.

Other resources

As mentioned earlier, finding the best slowpitch softball bat isn’t just as easy as picking out the flashiest, or more expensive and taking it to the field. Although we do believe the list above would be perfect for just about any slowpitch player, we also wanted to provide you with a few more specific resources just in case. This list will be augmented as we add more to the site.

At this time we’d like to thank you for taking a peak at what we feel are the best slowpitch softball bats available for this year’s 2019 season. As you can well imagine narrowing down the list is not easy, but we feel quite confident in the choices made. As always check out all of our slowpitch softball bat reviews from above or from the sidebar to the right. Best of luck in your search!


Best Fastpitch Softball Bats – 5 Choices for a better Swing! (2019 Update)

Tired of using your old bat for another season?

best fastpitch softball batsLooking for a bit of an upgrade?

Want to improve your performance?

Although we can’t help you with additional practice and swing technique, we certainly feel we can help by providing you with a list of the best fastpitch softball bats available this year.

As you are aware, there are a ton of fastpitch bats in the market and deciding on the top one is a challenge!

Another thing that makes it even harder is that just because it works good for one player doesn’t quite mean that it will work for another. Finding the right bat certainly isn’t easy. There are different bats for different types of hitters (i.e. end loaded or balanced), and different size/speed considerations.

Here are our ideal choices for the 2019 season:

ImageFastpitch BatReview (/5)PriceDropSwingLatest Price
Louisville Xeno X195$$-8, -9, -10, -11Balanced
Demarini CF Zen5$$-10, -11Balanced
Louisville PXT X194.5$$-8, -9, -10Balanced (slightly end loaded)
Demarini CF Insane4.5$$-8, -9, -10End Loaded
Easton Ghost Double Barrel4$$$-9, -10, -11Balanced

1- Louisville Xeno X19

Despite the Xeno X18 being one of our top picks for the 2018 season, we still feel that the newest 2019 Louisville Xeno X19 is a great pick for this year. When it comes to baseball bats, Louisville Slugger is almost always in the top spot. This is because they create every bat with the same attention to detail. The Xeno is the result of Louisville pushing the limits when it comes to innovation and design.

The Zero Friction double wall design allows the barrel to legally exceed the standard exit speed ratio. This allows the barrel to flex as far as it can possibly go without sacrificing performance.

The XENO is made using Louisville’s superior composite material. The material is light yet extremely durable. If you have used the previous version of this bat, you will notice the difference instantly. And thanks to S1iD technology, there is no break in needed. It is literally ready to go right out the box.

This bat also features iST Connection, a new technology that creates a strong bond between the barrel of the bat and the handle. With iST you will have a somewhat stiffer feel to the bat and the transfer of energy will be all the more efficient. The huge sweet spot makes hitting the ball easier and it helps absorb some of the vibrations before they make their way to your hands.

If you desire to have absolute control when you step up to the plate, the Louisville XENO might be the best choice for your tool kit. It should provide you with all the confidence you need to hit every ball out the park. Hopefully you feel like you are holding pure power in the palm of your hands! If you like what you’ve read so far, you might be even more interested in our Louisville Xeno review which has been updated to include the newest 2019 X19 model.

2- Demarini CF Zen

Each and every year, the Demarini CF series is one of the best fastpitch bats available. This year the model has been slightly re-vamped as the all-new CF Zen series. It is the latest bat in the DeMarini line and it is sure to impress.

The great thing about this bat is it uses DeMarini’s new Paraflex+ Composite material which according to the specification sheet is made with 22% stronger fibers than the Paradox Plus material used in previous iterations. This material is used in both the barrel which should provide it with a higher level of strength. All things considered, this gives the bat a sweet spot that is not only more responsive, but bigger and hotter as well. As a result, you should be able to generate more power with every swing.

Both the handle and end cap of the CF Zen have been equipped with another Demarini technology – 3-Fusion. This 3-Fusion technology should allow the bat to feel softer upon impact. It is also responsible for eliminating vibration, providing better bat control, and more importantly increased performance.

Vibration elimination is extremely important when it comes to off center hits. If you have ever hit the ball off center you know how painful it can be. Your hands take a serious beating. The 3-Fusion handle technology vibration is reduced leaving your hands better protected. Instead of energy going through your hands, it is redirected into the barrel of the bat upon contact. This means you get better feel, more power and less sting. You will also get better sound every time you hit the ball.

To optimize the trampoline effect, the CF Zen is constructed using a stacked double wall. This construction provides the highest level of performance allowed in regulation. The CF series from Demarini could be considered as one of the best series of bats of all time and I am guessing the CF Zen would be an ideal choice for many players. Like what you see so far? Check out our Demarini CFX review.

3- Louisville PXT X19

The Louisville PXT X19 is another great Louisville option that burst onto the scene last year. Although, we’ve noted the Xeno as our top pick, the PXT X19 could be the better choice – at a premium. So, for competitive high school and collegiate players, this one might make the better choice due to its advanced features.

Let’s get down to this feature list, shall we? For starters, the most important part has to be the MASS FX Loaded sweet spot technology. After all – for hitters, having a large powerful sweet spot is ideal when adding power. This technology is supposed to add more weight when you make solid contact. This in turn adds more momentum and pop into your swing which hopefully gives you that extra 10 feet to get the ball over the fence!

Another interesting technology that is included is the VCX technology. If you’ve ever had a mis-hit and felt ball string, you’ll enjoy hearing about this feature. Although I’m not entirely sure how this works, the feature list indicates that both the barrel and handle move independent of one another. Going back to mis-hits and ball sting, I can imagine that this will help reduce these vibrations quite a bit especially if they are contained in the barrel.

Like the Xeno X19, the PXT X19 also uses an advanced comfort grip system to help you control your swing without feeling like it is falling out of your hands. This is quite beneficial in damp weather as well as you don’t have to put an increased amount of strength into your grip and make things feel uncomfortable.

Outside of these main features there are others as well such as how well it is supposed to distribute power across the barrel, and its durability.

Again – although a bit pricey – I feel like high school ands collegiate players could get a lot out of this well reviewed bat.

4- Demarini CF Insane

The DeMarini CF Insane fastpitch softball bat is one of the newest bats in the DeMarini line. And like all their bats, this baby was born hardcore! This new version hit the market in 2019 and should continue to make a huge impression like the CFX version had done. If you are a power hitter, or the type of player who has confidence in their ability to hit the ball with speed and control, this bat was developed just for you.

The CFX Insane has been built with -8, -9, and -10 length to weight ratios which most players should be familiar with. The bat is also end loaded which gives it a slight sledgehammer effect. Therefore, when you hit the ball you should feel the power – especially on fly balls.

Thanks to DeMarini’s new Paraflex+ Composite material, this bat should be stronger than any of its previous versions. Its big, hot and will make every swing more powerful. If you have used the previous model, you will quickly be able to notice the difference when you swing.

This year’s model also utilizes a brand new 3-Fusion handle technology. This technology works by redirecting energy back into the barrel once it makes contact with the ball. This helps protect the player’s hands by reducing, or in some cases, completely eliminating vibrations. You will also get a much better “pop” when you hit the ball.

It is constructed using the stacked double wall which maximizes and optimizes trampoline effect. When it comes to fastpitch regulations, this bat has the highest performance rating. To see even more details on this model, please check out our full Demarini CFX Insane review.

5- Easton Ghost Double Barrel

The Easton Ghost double barrel softball bat should make a splash in 2019 for USSSA players. One of the first things you are probably wondering is what does Easton mean when they use the term “double barrel”?

This technology is brand new and has only been developed recently. In fact, Easton has a patent pending on this technology so they could be the only brand able to use it if things work to their favor. The main benefit of the double barrel design is to provide a never seen combination of comfort and pop. Although this certainly can only be judged by the hitter, it certainly sounds promising!

Outside of the double barrel, the Easton Ghost also includes an Xtra tough Resin Matrix technology. It is this technology that gives it amazing swing speed, durability, a nice large sweet spot, and one of the best feeling when making solid contact. Besides having a barrel that is longer than most bats you see in softball, a great portion of that barrel is able to reach its maximum flex thanks to the Resin Matrix technology being used.

Another feature common to quite a few bats now is the use of a connector (Easton uses the name ConneXion+) technology. The main benefit of this extra connection piece is to provide the hitter with a more seamless feeling between the handle and barrel. If you’ve ever swung a stiff two-piece bat, you’ll notice a big difference in this case as it should provide you with a great amount of flex through the swing motion.

The HYPERSKIN performance grip ensures the bat will remain firmly planted in the palm of your hands until you choose to let it go.

As any hitter will tell you, confidence is the most important factor when it comes to a player’s overall performance. With the Easton Ghost, your confidence will more than likely fly through the roof. If you play in a USSSA-approved league, and your goal is to increase your power and take your game to a whole new level, this one deserves consideration!

Guidelines for Finding the Best Fastptich Softball Bats in 2019

That being said there are several things you should look at when making your decision:

  • Construction – What your bat is made of goes a long way in determining a few things including durability, ability to break it in quicker, and more
  • Drop – A common lingo with fastpitch bats is the amount of drop that are included. The drop which ranges from -8 to -13 represents the length to weight ratio. For instance a 32 inch/22 ounce bat would have a drop rating of -10. The higher the drop (i.e. -8 and -9) the more power one can generate. The most common drop however is -10.
  • League regulations – some bats are only approved for certain leagues. For instance some marked as USSSA may not be able to be used for ASA players.

As I mentioned earlier there are a ton of different choices you can choose from, all with their positives and negatives. Further below on this page we feature what we believe are the best overall choices. However, you may want to take a peak at our comparison chart that has been updated for the 2019 season. If we want more details however we have provided quick reviews on this page.

What is Bat Drop?

When it comes to purchasing a fastpitch bat there are many different questions you will have. Some of the more common ones include what type of material is best, what brand or model is best, what’s the right size bat, end loaded or balanced, and what is bat drop? First we will take a look at bat drop. The length minus the weight of the bat is known as bat drop. If a bat is 32” long and weighs 22 ounces, that means the bat drop is -10. When searching for bats you will find a -10 bat drop is the most common. Please know the drop of the bat does not dictate or indicate whether the bat is end loaded or balanced.

At some point, if the player wants to continue playing at higher levels, they will have to elevate their game and learn how to cover the outside of the plate. The bat drop you get will depend on the type of player you have and what they are trying to accomplish. For instance, if the player you are purchasing the bat for wants to maintain bat speed and improve control, a longer bat may be the best option. However, you don’t want a bat that’s heavier. And that’s where bat drop comes into play. In this situation, a bat with a bat drop of -11, -12, or -13 would be the best option. If the player is strong enough to maintain bat speed and control with a bat that’s longer and heavier, opt for a bat drop of -8, -9, or -10.

With that being said, it is important you know if the bat you are using is end loaded or balanced. While the player may be able to maintain speed and control using a balanced bat with a -10 bat drop, that may not be the case if the bat is end loaded. If you have no experience when it comes to choosing a bat, your best bet is to visit a local retailer and let them walk you through the process. They will be able to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction. If at all possible, visit a retailer with batting cages. This way you can try out the bat before you purchase it.

Balanced or End Loaded fastpitch bats?

When it comes to choosing the right fastpitch bat there are a lot of very important factors you need to consider. One of those factors is knowing the difference between a balanced bat versus an end loaded bat.

A balanced bat is just want it sounds like. Its balanced due to its evenly distributed weight. Balanced bats are actually the most commonly used bats. Especially for younger players who don’t have a lot of strength. If you are looking to generate as much speed as possible, this is the type of bat you want to use. Contact hitters, also referred to as base hitters, will often choose a balanced bat because it helps them swing with more control. The more control you have the easier it is to hit the ball through the zone. This control comes from the lower moment of inertia balanced bats have.

Unlike a balanced bat, the end loaded bat has extra weight in the barrel. This allows you to hit the ball a greater distance due to the momentum you get when you swing the bat. End loaded bats are great for power hitters as they tend to have more strength. Generally speaking you will find anywhere between a 0.5 oz to 3 oz load in the barrel of the bat.

When determining which bat is best for you, its all about figuring out which type of bat you feel most comfortable swinging. Go for a round of batting practices so you can assess your swing. If you aren’t getting the results you want with one type of bat, try switching things up. If at all possible, try out an end loaded bat and a balanced bat back to back. This way you will be able to immediately feel the difference.

Keep in mind the bat you use must meet league standards. There are many different leagues all of which have many different standards. It is your responsibility to make sure the bat you use is in line with the standards set forth by the league you play in.

Aluminum Bats or Composite Bats

When it comes to constructing fastpitch softball bats the process has evolved quite a bit over the years. At one time the only material available was solid wood. Now players can choose between wood, aluminum and composite materials.

Aluminum bats are made using one of two materials…either aluminum alloy or pure aluminum. They come with a single wall barrel or a double wall barrel. If you are looking to hit the ball with more speed, the single wall is best for you. If you want a bigger sweet spot, opt for double wall.

Composite bats are made using a variety of different materials. Some bats will be 100 percent composite while others will have a handle or barrel that’s made using a host of other materials including carbon or steel alloy. Some bats are constructed using a combination of composite materials and wood.

Things To Be Aware Of

The great thing about aluminum bats is their durability. However, they are also known to be dent prone. Over time you will notice they are less effective. The good news however is aluminum bats don’t require break in time. Generally speaking they are ready to use right out the box.

Composite bats on the other hand have a reputation for having poor performance. They have also been known to break in cooler weather. In order to reach peak performance composite bats must be broken in. You need at least 150 solid hits before it reaches optimal performance.

Which One Is Better?

When it comes to the game of fastpitch, no two hitters are alike. In that same vein, no two bats are a like. The bat that works best for you will depend on your personal preference. Some bats are designed to be heavy at the top while others are designed to heavy at the handle.

There are also one piece bats, two piece bats, single wall bats and double wall bats. They key is knowing what type of player you are. Are you a contact hitter or a power hitter? Answering this question will help you better determine which type of bat is best for you.

Composite bats tend to be quite expensive. If you are new to fastpitch it is recommend you opt for something less expensive. While aluminum bats can be cost prohibitive as well, you can usually find a good one for $100 or less.

Other Resources

Although we feel that the bats we’ve included above would make the top choices for any player you may still be asking for more specific bats to meet your needs. We’ve tried to do our best to include some of the more common needs on other pages within the site. Below I have listed some of these and will add more as the site keeps growing!

We hope that you have found our page dedicated to the best fastpitch bats has provided some valuable insight into the top choices that can be had for the 2019 season. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.