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Worth Legit review

If you are looking to add some serious distance and power to your swing then consider picking up the new 2016 Worth Legit 220 softball bat. Designed for slowpitch power hitters, the amount of torque and power in your swing cannot be compared to any other bat on the market. Approved for use in ASA, USSSA and all other major associations, the Legit packs a punch which will quickly give you even more confidence.


You might be wondering why we feel the Legit will improve your power game quite a bit. One reason we are confident is that we believe in Worth as a company and their ability to deliver to softball players. With bats being made in the USA you can rest assured that careful planning and construction has gone into each and every bat. Secondly, we feel that because the sweet spot has been extended by a full 2 inches you will notice a huge shift in distance without needed to change your swing in the slightest.

The 2016 Legit 220 softball bats come in many different variations but at the core feature a 2-piece design that optimizes a hitter’s power and swing potential. Each and every bat is designed with performance and durability in mind. Here are the main feaures:

  • Balanced– If you are looking for a balanced and consistent swing then the 220 Greg Connell version is exactly for you.
  • Flex 50 Technology– The Flex 50 technology provides the hitter with a thinner and better feeling handle. After all, if you are expecting to hit well you need to feel comfortable with most of your power coming from the barrel.
  • Approval– Approved for all leagues using the 1.20BPF w/ABI standard. This includes USSSA, NSA, ISA, etc. Uses a balanced swing weight so your swings remain the same each time.
  • CF100 Technology– The barrel features CF100 technology which is essentially means that it is made from 100% carbon fibers. This not only makes the barrel more durable and help give you a little more power in your swing but also feels slightly lighter than other barrel used in the Legit series.

But what about price?

Like anything in life, it all comes down to money and what you can afford balanced with what you actually need. Although not the most expensive bat on the market, it is still a pricey bat at just under $300. Although $300 is a bit more pricey than you’d probably expect you do have to consider how much use you will get out of this bat. This model promotes durability along with performance so you can expect the good swings to continue for many years instead of replacing your bat every season.

Demarini One OG review

The brand new Demarini One OG slowpitch softball bat has been updated for the 2016 softball season. Previously known as the Sunday Swagger bat, the newer named “The One OG” DXONE is perfect for any condition that you play in no matter what day of the week. This premier offering by Demarini has been approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA play. Demarini prides themselves in making softball players better in the equipment that they produce and you will no doubt notice a great amount of improvement when swinging with this version of the One.

Features of The One

Using a two piece hybrid design of composite and alloy, you as a hitter get the best of both worlds but still get the feeling you are swinging a one piece bat. Demarini has built The One with what they call a 4.One barrel design. This barrel is 13 inches in length and provides a hitter with great power and performance capabilities but with the comfort of a one piece bat. One of the newest upgrades to the 2016 model is the addition of the popular RCK (Real Cool Knob) at the bottom of the bat that provides even more stiffness to the barrel. This bat is a true “one of a kind”.

Another great feature included in this model is the handle. One of the last things a hitter wants is a loose feeling handle that feels like it will snap in half upon impact. The ZnX alloy handle added is not only one of the stiffest ever designed by Demarini but is also one of the strongest and most durable. Surrounded by a Hybrid comfort grip, The One OG is provided a faded look to the bat and a nice comfortable grip for easier and more controlled swings.

Where can this be used?

This bat has been approved for play for ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISF approved leagues. It is also available in different weights including 26, 27, 28, and 29 ounce versions.
We hope you have enjoyed this review of the Demarini The One OG. If you have ever used this one before, please comment below and let us know what you thought.

Easton Mako review

For 2016, there may be no better weapon than the brand new Easton Mako fastpitch softball bat. On this page we provide you with a review of this extremely powerful bat in hopes that you will give it a whirl. As you are probably aware, Easton has been at the top of their game lately when it has come to softball bats. The FP16MK model is the newest in a line of great fastpitch bats and has already received great opinions from customers who have taken it for a swing.

Should I replace my current bat with this one?

One thing we are not going to do in this overview is lie and tell you that the Mako FP16MK is an inexpensive bat, because it’s not.

easton mako review

Although pricier than most at around the $350 mark, we still think you should at least check out the various features first. The main ones include:

  • Two piece system – Using a CXN ZERO two-piece construction, this model has an incredible amount of flex despite its power.
  • More power – the concept behind the Mako is simple. Make a bat that swings faster with a larger barrel. What does this do? Provide the most power you’ve ever swung with.
  • New Composite – It uses a brand new composite construction named TCT Thermo Composite. This new material promises to revolutionize the game as the provides that faster speed you want even though the barrel has been made even larger.
  • Better grip – Using the brand new Hyperskin grip, you will rarely feel any sort of slipping and should always feel in full control of your swings.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt the Easton Mako would make you a better hitter. Really the only issue it has is that it is a tad on the expensive side. However, for more competitive players who are already spending between $200-$300 on a bat, you might want to consider upgrading to this model just on the performance and durability features alone. Best of luck in what you decide!


Louisville Slugger Xeno X19

If you play baseball or softball, you have no doubt heard of the Slugger brand name. For years Slugger has been synonymous with quality and year after year produced some of the best bats available.

One of the newest Louisville offerings for softball and fastpitch players is the Xeno X19 bat which continues along the great tradition many expect from Slugger bats.

With some brand new never before seen technologies added to the Xeno, you can expect that this one will become a quick favorite by those who use it. Expect to improve your performance right away with this bat!

A detailed look at the 2019 Xeno X19

Most fastpitch softball bats you will find have been built with separate barrel and handle pieces. The Louisville Slugger Xeno is different as it uses internal socket technology which joins the handle and barrel into one piece creating a firm and durable bat.

This newer model also uses S1iD technology which provides the hitter with great performance right off of the shelf. There is no waiting period for this one. You can basically purchase it right off the shelf and use it at your next game or practice! The S1iD technology consists of internal discs placed inside the barrel of the bat which prevent damaging bending or stretching when making contact. This ensures that the bat will last through many hits and does not require you to replace the bat every year like some other models.

Different weights for Different players!

The Xeno is available in a wide variety of weights as well. For instance if you are more of a power hitter, you’ll really enjoy the -8 drop (heavier version). But if you are looking for a regular feeling swing you can opt for the -9 or -10 drop variations instead.

If you are looking for a bat with a balanced swing and loaded with great longevity features then consider picking one of these models for your next game or season. The Xeno X19 has been approved by all major softball associations and meets the 98 MPH ASA standard off the shelf.

Demarini CF Zen review

Brand new for the 2019 season, the Demarini CF Zen Fastpitch softball bat is quickly looking like it could be one of the best of all time. Although its predecessor (the CFX) is still one of the top sold bats, the CF Zen has made even more improvements to take your game even further than before. For fastpitch players we feel that the newest version of this best seller offers the perfect blend of power, comfort, and balance.

We have divided this review into all of the different models from the series, which includes the Hope, and Insane. Many of the exact same features that are found on the regular version are also found in the Insane and Hope variations.

Demarini CF Zen Fastpitch

In the first part of this page we take a look at the regular CF Zen fastpitch bat which is available in the following drops:

  • WTDXCFP19 (-10 drop)
  • WTDXCFS19 (-11 drop for youth players)

Main Features of the 2019 CF Zen version

As mentioned earlier, this one could end up being one of the best bats of all-time. Whenever you improve an already good thing by adding even more features to the fold, you have as true winner. Some of these features include:

  • Paraflex composite barrel: In the CFX version (2018 model), Demarini developed a new Paradox Plus+ composite material throughout the barrel. This material allowed for the barrel to become stronger to give you an even larger and responsive sweet spot. In the 2019 version, this has been improved even more. The Paraflex barrel promises to be made with 22% stronger fibers meaning that the durability should increase as well. After all since this bat is expensive – it better last a while!
  • 3-Fusion handle: Back from the popular CFX is the use of a 3-Fuion handle which re-directs your swing energy into the barrel providing more power but leaving you with a handle that provides very little sting.
  • Double walls: To get even more high performance, Demarini has added a double wall construction to the fold. This allows for more of a trampoline effect to occur which in turn enhances your ability to take the ball deep with more ease.
  • Hot out of the wrapper: This bat is ready to be used right away. The aforementioned Paradox composite allows for minimal break-in time so you can swing it right away.
  • Balanced swing: Also added last year is the 3-Fusion end-cap, which provides a nice smooth consistent swing each and every time. For those looking for more of an end loaded bat, take a look at the Insane version of this bat which we also review.

Insane version

For power hitters, they may be no better complement to your game then the newest 2019 CF Insane. Building on a great 2018 CFX version, the Insane has been improved even more to provide you with more power than ever before. Don’t let the -10 drop fool you. If you are looking for a slightly end-loaded swing where you can launch homers all over the field then please read on and view what this bat has to offer.

Power, power and more power! For the 2019 season, Demarini made quite a few improvements to the back bones of their popular CF series. The Insane uses this exact same framework which has already received great reviews from players like you who have taken a few swings.

What does the Insane offer?

Making a substantial change in the under coating of a bat is normally a cause for alarm, but that is exactly what Demarini did when they switched from TR3 F.L.O composite to brand new paradox composite in the 2016 version. What exactly is paradox composite? This innovative material provides hitters with the biggest and strongest sweetspot in the entire industry. In 2019 this has been improved even more by way of Demarini’s innovative Paraflex+ material.

Upgrading from the existing Paradox Plus+ material, the Paraflex promises to be much stronger and provide a lighter swing weight for the hitter. Not only that, but the Insane also features a double wall construction which gives it an incredible bouncing (or trampoline) effect when you connect properly.

Differences between the regular and Insane

The introduction of new paradox plus composite material is the same for all versions of this model. What makes the CF Insane different is the following:

  • More end loaded and hence a little more pop at the end of your swing

Hope version

One of the more popular bats once again in 2017 is the CF9 Hope. Built from the frame and underlying of the CF9, the Hope is a limited edition bat that not only takes your performance to the next level, but also supports a great cause. For each purchase of the Hope, Demarini will donate part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. With an incredible cause, and an incredible swing, you will be wishing you found this one sooner! Please read on to see the main features included in this version. The newest version of the Hope bat is typically used by more competitive players since it is priced higher than the average softball bat. Despite its price tag however, there are many things to like about this year’s DXCFH model.

Main Features

First and foremost, the bat has been made in the exact same way that the regular version was. In other words, the barrel has been upgraded to use the new Paraflex material which is promised to be even stronger and more durable than the Paradox Plus+ material used in last years version. This material is also quite a bit stronger than its predecessors and allows for a more durable bat that should last you through many swings. The last advantage this new composite construction provides is it allows for the bat to be ready right away. No longer do you need any sort of break-in period. This bat is hot out of the wrapper!

Another great feature included in the 2017 version of the Hope is the amount of trampoline effect a hitter can experience. Using what Demarini calls a “stacked double wall construction”, hitters often mention they find it easier to swing for the fences. With a great amount of bounce on impact, you’ll quickly realize how much of a difference this bat will make over what you currently use.

Would we recommend?

One of the other main questions asked is what is the different between the regular version and the limited edition CF9 Hope. In all honesty, very little! The Hope has a slightly different look but that is about it. They are the exact same bat, except the Hope version supports breast cancer research and is only available with a -10 drop. If you are a competitive player, or just looking for a top of the line bat this summer, we would highly recommend you look into this one.

What makes the newer version better than the older one?

If you’ve used the Demarini CF8 then the major difference you will notice in terms of improvements is the Paraflex barrel material. This new construction is incredibly innovative and is both the hottest and largest sweetspot available. It also allows for the bat to have more strength by using what Demarini describes as fibers that are 22% stronger and more efficient.

Many fastpitch players loved the 2016 version of the Demarini CF8. If you already own this bat though, should you consider trying out the new CF9? My advice is if you are happy and comfortable with the older version then stick with it. However, if it is near the end of its usefulness, I would highly recommend you take a peek at the newer one. Although it will feel very similar, you will still notice a huge difference in the way it swings and the little extra power could make all of the difference for your next season.

Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax

The Miken Psycho is one of the bestselling and most requested slow pitch bats ever produced.

New for 2016, the Psycho SuperMax promises to take your hitting to a new level. If you are looking for someone to back this claim up then you may want to consider that this is the bat of choice of Jeremy Isenhower, one of the best softball players on the field today. Not only him, but this model is also a choice by many other professional players as well.

Featuring a 14.5 inch barrel length and a weight range of 24-30 oz, with a full ounce of max end load, this one is made for power hitters, who want to shoot bombs with it. Below we look at some features that truly make it one of the best ever produced:

Certified 100 COMP

The bat is made using the revolutionary Miken’s 100 COMP material, which is the patented formula that changed the game and introduced Miken’s high performance equipment. 100 COMP utilizes 100% premium aerospace grade carbon and aramid fibers that deliver Miken’s legendary performance and durability. The multi layered walls of carbon and aramid fibers give a splendid pop to the bat, which can really shoot bombs through the strike zone.

750X HPI Technology

The Izzy Psycho is built with Miken’s new revolutionary 750X HPI technology that uses high pressure to inject ultra-tough epoxy in the highest grade carbon fibers at 750 pounds per square inch. This innovative technology that uses extreme pressure and premium materials deliver a game changing performance and unparalleled durability.

The 750X HPI technology paired with the 100 COMP revolutionary formula ensures you get the maximum sweet spot and a hot right out of the wrapper performance.

1-piece, end loaded design

This model features a 1-piece, end loaded design along with a stiff handle, made specifically for power hitters. This model has a full 1 ounce end load, which gives the hitter maximum power. A one piece bat normally provides a bit more power than a two-piece system as it has very little give meaning no energy can escape except for when you make solid contact. And we all know what will happen if you make solid contact with this bat!

All bats from Miken are made with Vortex handle technology that uses the power of braid reinforcement. That means the handle is made with braided layers that distribute weight evenly yet move seamlessly together to deliver optimal flex, giving it an awesome feel while tuning out harsh vibrations on contact.


If you want a bat that delivers a game-changing, hot right out of the wrapper performance, that you can use to explode through the strike zone and shoot bombs with, get the bat Izzy swings and other top players choose to have. This Jeremy Isenhower’s signature model delivers unmatched performance, durability, and legendary power.

This one should be considered a must-have for all power hitters!

Louisville Z4

Louisville Slugger is synonymous with baseball and softball. It is the official bat of Major League Baseball and is the #1 name in baseball since the beginning of the sport.

For softball bats, there may be no better choice than the Z4 as it combines the innovative S1iD technology with Louisville Slugger’s exceptional base to deliver what promises to be a better performance in the batters box. With a 12 inch pro style barrel and a weight range of 26-30 oz., this one is made for power hitters who want to add distance and power to their hits. In the next part of this review, we look at the top features included in this bat.

Pure 360 Composite

The Pure 360 Composite uses thinner, higher-strength and lightweight graphite fibers that enable it to be durable and strong yet have a reduced wall thickness leading to lighter swing weight.

TRU3 3 Piece Construction

The Z4 uses Louisville Slugger’s revolutionary TRU3 technology to create the first ever 3-piece slow pitch bat that greatly reduces the vibration on contact. This 3-piece design is made to strengthen the link between the barrel and the handle and give it a trampoline spring, dramatically reducing the vibration on contact. While it reduces the negative vibration and sting, it gives the bat that good feeling of contact so you know where you have hit the ball, either squarely on the sweet spot or towards the end.

Balanced or End Loaded

louisville z4 review

The Z4 comes in both balanced and end loaded designs. A balanced bat will typically make your swings faster while an end loaded bat will make them a bit slower but provide a much great power potential. So in terms of which is right for you? My guess is you would need to figure out what type of hitter you are first.

S1iD Technology

Composite bats usually require a breaking in time of 250-300 hits. The Z4, however, brings the revolutionary SWING 1 inner Disc (S1iD) technology back to the diamond that allows the walls to flex to their maximum allowable level. Hence, you get a bat that is hot right out of the wrapper. The S1iD technology gives the Z4 a great pop even on the first swing and it just keeps getting better with every swing.

Grit Blast Finish

Another unique feature to this model is the Girt Blast finish that has been applied to the outside of the barrel. This extra little feature promises to create more spin when you launch the ball into orbit. Why is this spin important? It should help you put more intensity into your hit therefore making the ball go further at a more accelerated rate.


The Z4 is definitely going to dominate the fields in the year 2016. With the revolutionary TRU3 technology paired up with S1iD design, the Z4 delivers a powerful performance on the field. With an awesome pop, only rockets come off this high-performing bat.

If you want to increase your batting average and make a difference to the game, do yourself a favor and read a little bit more about this one.

Demarini SF8

Another great new slowpitch softball bat to hit the scene in 2016 is the Demarini SF8. What many like so far about the SF8 is its unique ability to please hitters looking for a balance swing and hitters looking for more of an end loaded swing. Another nice feature is the price point. Many of this company’s premier bats cost close to $300. The SF8 itself even though brand new has started at under $230. So if you are looking to add a little more distance and pop to your swing this year then read on to find out if this new model is right for you.In the next part of this review, we look at the top features included in this bat.

ZnX Alloy Barrel

The first great feature included in this bat is the strength of the ZnX Double Wall barrel. The double wall barrel is perfect for power hitters as it features increased strength, a larger sweet spot, and increased durability. There are many “power hitter” bats on the market but many are easy to break due to sheer swing velocity of today’s heavy hitters. Adding a double wall barrel will surely help reduce this concern for the majority of hitters.

Handle and End cap

demarini sf8 review

One of the more common handles you’ll see used on Demarini bats is the Composite C6 handle. This handle is preferred by many hitters as it features a wider weave which in turn provides more flex in your swing. As many hitters will attest, swinging a stiff, rigid bat doesn’t allow for a hitter to make any mistakes on contact. With a little more flex, sometimes slightly off-center contact made can still result in some decent pop. The use of Demarini’s N2M end cap allows for a full transfer of power in your swing all the way to end of the barrel providing the most amount of power possible.

Surrounding the end of the handle is a Thrasher grip system which provides a great comfortable feel allowing you to feel at ease while you are hitting softballs all over the field (and outside!).


As mentioned earlier, the SF8 is not the most expensive bat that Demarini offers and is still in its infancy. However, with the price point and the features that are offered, for many hitters this could represent a good risk to take as their is a ton of potential in this bat. The bat has been approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA play so it should be seen in many leagues this summer.