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Welcome to our page dedicated to the best softball catcher’s mitts available. We bring you our top-3 choices and provide a review on each to make your life easier. The position of catcher is one of the most important around the softball diamond, and therefore having a proper fitting mitt is essential to your success. There are several things you should look out for when purchasing this piece of equipment including the quality of the leather, size of the pocket, controlled and support, quick break-in, and lightweight.

Below we look at what we feel are the best combination of all 5 of these features which include the Rawlings CCMFP, Mizuno GXS101, and the Mizuno GXS92.

Mizuno GXS92
Rawlings Champion Series
Mizuno GXS101

Best Mitt Overall – Mizuno MVP Prime

There are gloves, and then there is the Mizuno MVP prime. This glove is truly a homerun and a glove that anyone and everyone will be proud to use when they play the game. Loaded with features sure to be loved, the MVP Prime can be purchased at an affordable price for a long-lasting, high-quality glove that gets the job done.

The MVP glove is available for right and left hand throwers. It is comfortable and flexible, with a strong wrist support for better games time and time again. V Flex and Parashock technology are both included in the mitt, making the game even easier.

When you are tired of buying mitt after mitt for just one season, this glove eliminates it all. This quality gloves is constructed with amazing attention to detail, bringing both style and durability together. This could be the last catcher’s mitt that you will ever need.

The MVP Prime is the first in the Franchise Pro Series offered from the brand, and it is certainly setting the standards high. The Prime will far excel any and all expectations that you had in mind, providing a superior game like you’ve never experienced before and never will again.

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Best Value – Rawlings CCMFP

The Rawlings CCMFP Champion Series 33 inch catcher’s mitt is one of our top choices for female players as they feature smaller hand openings. This assists catchers by providing them with more control of their movement without sacrificing any ability to show off the deep pocket to your fellow pitcher. Made from high quality leather, the Champion Series has a quick break in period and is ready to take behind the plate right out of the box!

Another great innovation added to this mitt is the Zero Shock palm pad that is used. One of the worst feelings as a catcher is the ball sting when it hits you in the wrong spot. This new palm protection aims to further reduce ball sting so the catcher can remain as comfortable as possible.

What really sets this mitt apart and why we feel it is great for a wide variety of players is its ability to provide a custom fit. Using foam throughout the finger area, and an adjustable Velcro strap, you can change the size to whatever makes you feel the best.

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For Youth Players – Mizuno GXS101

This FastPitch Catcher’s Mitt makes the sport of softball so much easier to play. This beautiful glove is made especially for smaller hands so it fits perfectly on girl’s. It is made to be comfortable, and when you are purchasing a catcher’s mitt having comfort is one of the most important features of all.

The mitt is constructed of high-quality leather material. The quality shows with just one look at the mitt, and you can be sure that you are getting a quality mitt designed to provide you with long-lasting quality. This Mizuno catcher’s mitt has a ParaShock Palm Pad, Power Lock Wrist Closure, V-Flex Technology, Butter Soft Palm lining and a host of other features. With so many wonderful features, combined with a truly out of this world price, this is the mitt that you cannot go wrong when you purchase.

It is comfortable, flexible and made to last, all while providing users with a truly stylish, unique look at their own. This mitt offers excellent value and so much more, and is a good choice for all who love to play their game to the fullest.

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Final recommendations

We hope that you have enjoyed this page of what we feel at the top catcher’s mitts available. There are many different mitts that one can purchase so coming up with a list of the top 3 wasn’t the easiest thing to do. For catchers looking for a less expensive option then we recommend the blah. However, if money is not much of a concern then we certainly recommend the blah because of all the great reviews it has garnered.


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