Best Mens Softball bats

When playing the game of softball, the type of bat you use can and will have a direct impact on your overall success. It doesn’t matter how strong you are…if your bat can’t stand up to the pressure, you will never hit a home run, let alone make it to first base.

best mens softball bats

This page is dedicated to what we feel are the best mens softball bats available. The primary focus is on slowpitch models.

When looking for a men’s bat there are 5 key components you should probably consider: Bat length, bat weight, amount of power, barrel material, and league certifications.

The problem is with so many different bats on the market, its very difficult to determine which bat is best for your needs. If you have been struggling to find a men’s bat that’s great for playing the game of softball, hopefully this article will help you out. Below you will find 3 softball bats you should consider: The Easton Salvo Scandium, Anderson Flex, and the Easton Salvo (end-loaded variation).

1- Easton Salvo Scandium

This end loaded bat is extremely popular among mens players. No matter what level you play on, or the type of league you play in, the Salvo Series of bats should provide you with an increased level of performance. Thanks to the 1-piece Scandium design which consists of a single wall alloy barrel, the sweet spot has been expanded giving you a larger hitting surface while at the same time increasing the bats durability.

This is all comprised in a Single System design that provides players with better bat control. The better you can control the bat, the more power and consistency you can get behind your swing. The Easton Salvo also comes with what Easton calls “Ultra Thin Gauze Grip” which promises hitters a stronger grip and feeling around the handle.

The Salvo is a perfect fit for power hitters as the end loaded swing weight allows the hitter to generate more power from the bottom of the bat. After all every little bit of extra power will help turn those hits into homers. The Salvo Scandium has the 1.20 BPF certification and can be used for play in the following softball associations: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

2- Anderson Flex

By all accounts when looking at the product description, ff you want a bat that is virtually bulletproof, then the Anderson Flex may be the closest thing to it. The Flex is built using aerospace alloy and because of its one piece design, many consider it the absolute best when it comes to durability. With this bat dents and cracks midway through the season should be a thing of the past.

As you very well know, balance and speed are extremely important when it comes to snapping the bat head through the zone. The Flex Slow Pitch is the perfectly balanced bat for hitters giving you consistency with every swing. Add that to the buggy whip handle and you have everything you need to hit the ball with maximum impact.

One feature you will really love is the reduced moment of inertia. Inertia is the amount of effort it takes to swing the bat. With the reduced moment of inertia you should be able to achieve neck breaking bat speeds without any extra effort. You will literally have the force of a sledgehammer when you swing the bat. The result will be extremely powerful hits and unbelievable ball speed.

Another feature you should really like is the FLEX plush padded spiral grip. With this grip blisters and sore hands will no longer be an issue. Though it has leather tough durability, it is still very soft to the touch. And unlike other bats, this one doesn’t take months to break in. All it takes is a few swings and it will be primed and ready to go. We feel it would make a great choice for many male softball players.

3- Easton Salvo

The last of the bats that we think makes a great choice for any male player is the Easton Salvo – especially if your game is power. The version shown to the left is the end-loaded variation of the Salvo and has a little bit of extra weight in the bottom to provide you with a little extra pop. Constructed using 100% IMX Advanced Composite, this ASA approved bat has a very well optimized sweet spot.

Because of this you are able get maximum overall performance with every swing. For better bat control and more whip speed, the Easton Salvo uses the single system composite design and the ultra thin, gauze grip handle. With a weight of less than 3 pounds, this bat is easy to handle and doesn’t add too much tension to your swing.

This is yet another Salvo bat created with the power hitter in mind. It has been approved only for ASA and ISF leagues.

When choosing a softball bat, be sure to take your time. This is not a decision you want to make hastily. Make sure you understand the pros and cons associated with each bat. This is especially important if you are a serious player. A good bat will prove to be your most valuable asset. So make sure you choose wisely. If you need to, head to your local batting cage and take a few swings with a demo bat. This will help you better determine what you need.

Once you have your bat, its time to hit the tee and get to work on your swing!


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