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Do you ever get tired of not being able to find the right softball gear? Are you tired of hand me downs or just using what everyone else does? If so then this is the site for you!

At allforsoftball.com, our belief is that no two softball players are the same. Just like in many other situations, what works for most players may not necessarily work well for you. We feel the game of softball is one of the best games on earth and therefore if you have a negative experience then you may not get to enjoy it as much as you should.

So what exactly is this site about? Our primary goal is to dig deeper than the other sites you will find on the web. When I do a quick search for “softball bats”, or “softball gloves”, I find many e-commerce stores that describe their products and other sites that just provide a “best of” list and nothing more. We believe that softball players have specific needs, so instead of directing a 1st baseman to a page that looks at a whole bunch of gloves, we would rather provide you with a page specific to 1st base players. In other words, we want to dig deeper and find you the most relevant information possible.

For now, our site features 4 main category of softball gear: Bats, Gloves, Catchers gear, and footwear. We hope to expand this in the future to include even more great articles.

As always, we hope that you enjoy you stay on our page. If you notice anything in particular that should be changed or improved on, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Happy softballing!


Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, and as you've probably guessed...I love softball! I've played for years and in my opinion is one of the best games for all ages and ability. The goal of my site is to bring you my thoughts on the best equipment available, along with some tips to improve your play! I hope you enjoy my site, feel free to contact me anytime!

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